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Being active in social media is vital in every social marketing campaign nowadays. That's why the practice of buying Twitter followers has become so popular these days and people and companies are using this method to increase their online branding.

Online PR News – 29-May-2012 – 05/29/2012 Orlando, Florida – Buying Twitter followers from social media reseller websites is perhaps the latest and most ironic social media craze nowadays and basically people, agencies and firms are purchasing these artificial Twitter friends to gain more popularity within their niches. Basically the growth of the brand's popularity is what's buying Twitter followers all about. In the web, finding a social media website where one can buy 1000 Twitter followers for $10.00 USD dollars is something anyone can do today with a blink of an eye.

“Buying Twitter followers will help you easily promote your blog, services, website, business and or company to thousands of other Twitter users around the globe in real-time". That's the promotional text of one of the multiple American Twitter reseller companies that offer followers on Twitter at wholesale prices.

The claim of this company "" known to many as the American Usocial with the exception of their low prices with base in Orlando, Florida cannot be more explicit and enthusiast. Interviewed by phone its owner and CEO Imel Seda, a website developer and a 'wordpress fan' said that the big companies and small businesses have been for long obsessed with their presence on social networks. They tend to pay lots of money to over-seas marketing companies to enable their presence on the net getting always the same response from their webmasters, which is "the company needs to have more followers, more site traffic and or more fans". "The nature of the growth of followers in networks is slow," said Dayra Rodriguez co-founder of and a Pinterest fanatic. "businesses want quick results. And social media reselling websites exist because of the hunger of people to get those results quick", added Dayra Rodriguez.

This reporter asked about if this practice of purchasing Twitter followers was a new or an old practice and learned that apparently the practice of buying followers on Twitter is not new and is also not a shortcut that only big companies are taking. “The company CEO said he'd reserve accounts and names and won't give any information regarding their clients like Usocial did when Michael Jackson's death but more recently they have started to see more professionals like: lawyers, doctor's offices, artist's, DJ's, journalist's, travel agencies, and webmasters for their clients”, pointed out Imel Seda, which recently launched another social media reseller website dedicated to optimize one's social media marketing campaigns using different social media channels like Facebook fans, Pinterest followers, Youtube views, Twitter followers at wholesale prices and Google+ plus one votes. This social media reseller website has been in the social media biz for quite a while now and the creation of SocialMedia-Combo.Com was owned in part because of the recently increase of customers asking for Facebook fans and the new Pinterest followers, said Imel Seda.

According to recent social media news reports, it has been noticed that buying Twitter followers from most of these pages can easily be done by purchasing followers or fans by packages. The company's CEO added that some companies do a simple and quick search on Google looking to hire a serious social media reseller website without knowing that there are lots of "scammers" out there that will only deliver you 1000 twitter eggs so it is advisable that one should be careful from whom one buys these type of social media services.

Last Friday after this interview by phone with the owner of this successful American Twitter followers supplier company this reporter put himself in contact with Facebook and Twitter to seek their opinion about this new social media phenomenon and know a bit more about the new policies, if any, they plan to carry out against the practice of buying Twitter followers or Facebook fans from social media reseller websites and unfortunately we did not get a response from them to write about.

As it seems United States, UK, Australia and Spain are the top countries in which this practice is rapidly growing followed by Turkey, Italy and India where is even more common.

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