Numero Uno now has a NU face

New Delhi, May 2012 – Numero Uno Clothing Ltd, this month, proudly announced the launch of a fresh new campaign, which also promises to offer a new perspective for those who don it.

Online PR News – 01-June-2012 – Gurgaon Haryana – High on design and comfort, this new look comes with a story behind its inception. This brand new look by NU is all about comfort and a great new sense of freedom. However captivating the virtual, video or mobile entertainment worlds may be, nothing can match the actual experience of getting out and trying out things on your own. The whole idea of this Jeanswear is to inspire today’s youth into doing precisely that; to ‘try something nu.’. The rush of slipping on to NU’s jeans and being overwhelmed by the feeling to do something new, something outside their routine zones is the underlying theme of the campaign. It’s a beautiful world, full of possibilites, newer experiences and memories, if only, you would step out and try something new..
This new look and the philosophy is for everyone who thinks there is more to life than a given routine And what better time to release the new face than 2012, when Numero Uno turns 25. This campaign is from a company that’s young at heart, aimed at all those who feel the rush of life as they slip into a denim, no matter what their age is.
Mr. Narinder Singh , Chairman & Managing Director and the founder of Numero Uno Clothing Ltd. is confident that this new look will find resonance with today’s youth. “It is how you refresh your life. By trying out new things, visiting new places, making new friends and adding new layers to your life. It’s not a grandiose theme. It’s a friend telling another, c’mon, let’s try something nu,” says Mr. Singh about the new campaign. And to address a larger crowd of denim enthusiasts, various activities and updates related to this new campaign will be webcast on the highly popular social channel of Facebook. The company plans to roll out an engaging array of activities tied around the new campaign. “It won’t be mere lip service. It will be a comprehensive, long-term plan to make the lives of all our believers, a little more interesting,” added Mr. Singh.

About Numero Uno Jeanswear
In the helm of every undertaking is a will, a vision and a paramount passion, Numero Uno offers to reinforce this will and see you through the journey to be Numero Uno. NU offers distinctiveness in style, statement and fit. The products range from: shoes, watches, casual shirts and is earmarked for Denim. Somewhere between the designer’s vision and the usage there is a carousel of passion and will and Numero Uno completes the circle! NU is profound in its belief in action, passionate to the spirit it stands for and rugged as it’s not for the ordinary. The Nu journey dates back to 1987 and this year we are 25 years young!