GoldKey Announces Soft-Token App for iPhone, iPad, & Android

New App from GoldKey Provides Two-Factor Authentication for iOS and Android Devices

Online PR News – 01-June-2012 – Independence, MO – Independence, MO - GoldKey Security Corporation announced today the availability of GoldKey Soft-Tokens for iOS and Android devices. GoldKey’s newly released Soft-Token app transforms a mobile device into a software authenticator that is used in conjunction with a PIN to achieve two-factor authentication. This provides a robust yet cost-effective method for ensuring that only authorized mobile devices are allowed to access private web resources, such as online banking.

“GoldKey Soft-Tokens are the first mobile solution to provide two-factor authentication without the complexities of certificates or one-time passwords,” said Dr. Roger E. Billings, CEO at GoldKey Security Corporation. “GoldKey is a whole new approach to security that is hardware-based, thereby providing easier control and better protection of critical information assets.”

GoldKey Soft-Tokens utilize a revolutionary authentication method known as Gold ID to provide bidirectional authentication without transmitting a user’s PIN. Gold ID greatly reduces the cost of initial deployment and does not rely upon a one-time password algorithm or a reliable chain of signed certificates.

GoldKey’s Soft-Token App is now available at no cost from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. To implement GoldKey authentication for a website, an organization must first become a GoldKey ID Subscriber. In addition to Soft-Tokens, GoldKey provides USB tokens for authentication in Windows and Mac environments.

GoldKey Soft-Tokens have already been deployed among businesses and schools, including the International Academy of Science:

“Our organization has widely deployed GoldKeys to securely administer student data for a nationwide network of teachers who utilize Acellus online learning,” said Dr. Maria Sanchez, President of the International Academy of Science. “To access our system, each teacher must present an authorized GoldKey USB token and unique PIN.”

“With the paradigm shift toward mobile computing in schools, we found ourselves challenged by the absence of a USB port in devices such as the iPad,” continued Dr. Sanchez. “With the release of GoldKey’s Soft-Token, we can now provide access to student records on mobile devices – without compromising our level of security.”

The announcement of GoldKey’s Soft-Token is an expansion of GoldKey’s popular security token product family. GoldKey’s USB Tokens feature data encryption capabilities and on-board encrypted flash storage. In addition, GoldKey USB Tokens also contain a fully functional PIV smart card, allowing users to continue utilization of their current smart card system while building the capability of transitioning all or a portion of their users over to Gold ID at some future date.


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