'Ever Essence' Out Now; New Thriller Tackles Human Life Extension

Here comes a hugely relevant thriller about the imminent risks and possibilities with modern medical technology and life extension

Online PR News – 29-May-2012 – South Barrington – (MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA)- David Curran today announced the release of the highly anticipated Ever Essence, a contemporary thriller that explores the technical revolution of human evolution, and will resonate with fans of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World.

The book is available now with book stores worldwide and in leading e-book formats.

In a time when Human Life Extension Surgery can extend human life over generations – and life can last 400 years, humanity is on the cusp of leapfrogging generationally. As electronic and mechanical parts become essential to surgical engineering, the question has never been more relevant; “What is human?”

We are at a threshold of an equitable society. By humanity harnessing the power of human evolution and extending the human lifespan through technology we are radically redefining the rules of life

Set in Palamas City and an idyllic Island North of the fictitious capital, new hires Markus and Mariah are thrust into survival mode as they are forced to protect the powerful institution they have only just begun to represent. This institution is a powerful force which claims ability to eradicate disease.

Taking place in a world at its peak of inventions, engineering capability and communication technology, and where human hybrids make up a fascinating array of life forms, Ever Essence explores vastly complex theories about humanity and existence.
In Markus, readers are introduces to a neoclassic hero with multi-dimensional qualities that move the action forward, and that will naturally escalate into the sequel that has already been announced.

“We are at a threshold of an equitable society. By humanity harnessing the power of human evolution, and extending the human lifespan through technology, we are radically redefining the rules of life,” says David Curran.

David Curran discovered early on that he had capacity for coping and adapting to new surroundings and different people. He became fascinated with discovering the world from endless perspectives.

He is excited that all people living now and in the future can derive a deeper sense of life satisfaction. David believes that our governance systems and societal forms are archaic compared to what they can be in only a short time from now.

“If humanity can trust itself to adapt technology safely and evolve our own species without harm then we may deserve to steward life longer into the future,” says David Curran.

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