Catch Up Leicester Exchanges Current Debate Themes on Facebook

Leicester Exchanges has now decided to tap the potential of social media for roping in common people for intellectual debates. People can now catch up the current debate themes in the social forum on Facebook.

Online PR News – 30-May-2012 – Leicester – Leicester, UK, 29 May 2012: Leicester Exchanges is eager to connect with the younger generation, which is evident from their step to make available all information regarding their current debate themes on Facebook. The people active in social media can now get tipped on the new posts in current debate section of the platform. Their initiative has drawn applaud from the intellectual circles in the UK.

Social media is the most effective tool today to keep connected to people, particularly the younger generation. Recognising the window it provides, Leicester Exchanges has now decided to tap it, hoping to get people’s valuable insights on issues raised in the forum. They believe in getting the commoners play their part to play in shaping the society and nation, and opine that social media can contribute to the cause.

Social media has enrolled itself as an engine of several online social campaigns. Presence of Leicester Exchanges on Facebook will enable the people interested in the issues of socio-politico importance get apprised with the views of intellectuals who are held in high regard across the country. Reading their essays will enable to develop thorough understanding of the subject. They will also be able to openly express themselves on the platform and get replies for their queries from the best brains.

Initiatives such as Leicester Exchanges help create an environment for thoughtful discussion on topics which influence us all. They offer people a platform to collectively debate and deliberate what can be done to make our lives and times better. The churning of views helps in emergence of views which are accepted by the majority, if not all.

Public debates contribute in keeping a democratic system healthy. Advent of online debates has negated the factor of geographic location as people can contribute with convenience regardless of their place of residence. They can join a debate they are interested in and voice their opinion. They can interact in real time with the leading academics which helps them to gain intellectual insight into the issues.

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Leicester Exchange is a platform that allows individuals from various walks of life to come forward and share their informed opinions on an issue, with leading thinkers of the day. They are leading the time tested tradition of the great UK debate to a whole new and modern platform.

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