New Free Multilingual Website Pairs Job Seekers With Industry Experts

As millions of Americans reel under the heavy weight of unemployment, underemployment, and discomforting make-shift careers, jobs, provides free pathfinder service.

Online PR News – 18-June-2009 – – Coralville Iowa USA ---, a free multilingual website that launched June 16, is connecting job hunters and those seeking career change with professionals who are courageous and concerned enough to let them in on gateways and opportunities in their lovely jobs and careers.

The site targets two groups of users, namely Peek My Trade Experts who share the nuts, bolts and opportunities in their careers and jobs 24/7 on the site, and at face-to-face events like Peek My Trade Informational Interviews, Peek My Trade House Parties and Peek My Trade Community Expos, and Peek My Trade Explorers who ask questions, compare options and participate in the aforementioned member and community organized events at locations close to them.

“This is our own special way of contributing to efforts to stimulate the American and global economies through helping people obtain invaluable pathfinder job and career information based on personal experiences, and vital networking opportunities pursuant to getting gainfully employed. It is something that is fun to do, easily accessible, empowering and free,” explains certified training and ecommerce consultant C. Paschal Eze, leader of the team that launched the interactive user-friendly site.

The site, he adds, is a win-win for both the Peek My Trade Experts and Peek My Trade Explorers who register free to exchange relevant ideas and opportunities.

Peek My Trade Experts get the opportunity to show their creativity and courage, demonstrate and develop their leadership qualities, expand their network, be recognized by the community as an expert in their fields, promote their trade/business, increase its visibility and protect its future, build and strengthen their community by fostering human development, and enjoy the marketing boost that comes from placing the distinctive Peek My Trade Expert emblem on their website and marketing materials.

As for Peek My Trade Explorers, they get the opportunity to explore a new trade, gain exposure, work towards securing their financial future, build and expand their network since relationships are vital to social life and career development, discover and work with interesting mentors, broaden their knowledge base and experiences, and have some fun doing something that benefits them and their community.

For more information on how the site helps the unemployed and those seeking career change, please visit or email Shanita Michelle at info(@)