International Scuba Diving events will be held on the island of Cozumel starting April, 2010

Cozumel Island is a beautiful peace of land surrounded by white sandy beaches enclosed with crystal clear ocean water.

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Cozumel Island is a beautiful peace of land surrounded by white sandy beaches enclosed with crystal clear ocean water. It is a perfect place for a vacation with cool and fresh air always refreshing the atmosphere every time. People from far off places like Europe and North America and even people from tundra region come to Cozumel Island to enjoy warm tropical climate.

The tropical climatic condition of Cozumel Island remains constant around 14°C to 18°C. April – June is a time when sea aquatic life becomes active and abundant. It is the best time of the year to enjoy scuba diving and Caribbean snorkeling adventures.

Come April and see great American scuba diving legends like Zale Parry, Dr. Sam Miller, Dr. A. Jose Jones, Robert Croft and Dottie Frazier in action. It is the time when Scuba diving events are held across the Caribbean islands and Cozumel being one of the largest islands, it is sure to attract some of these legends performing at scuba diving events.

Trevor Holler the executive director of Cozumel vacation villas advices vacationers to take precaution while enjoying scuba diving adventure, if you are a newbie then it is important to dive under professional surveillance.

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“If you are planning for a Scuba diving Cozumel vacation select a dive gear with quality, function, comfort, performance and good looking. After all everyone want to be in ocean with fashion-forward style so that they can get attention they always craved for”, said Trevor

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