xpWallet Makes Mobile Payments Simpler

xpWallet, the emerging leader in the space of mobile financial services and mobile wallet Payment Solutions, announced its new Standard mWallet services, designed to make mobile payments simpler by providing speed, scalability, security, and unique user experience.

Online PR News – 30-May-2012 – May 25, 2012 / Chnadigarh – xpWallet, the emerging leader in the space of mobile financial services and mobile wallet Payment Solutions, announced its new Standard mWallet services which aims at making mobile payments simpler. The service has been designed to provide speed, scalability, security and unique user experience.

The newly announced service is the first to be built on the standard mWallet Platform featuring:
- The service is offering fully customizable "Know your customer" (KYC) functionality for the customers which they can add and remove as per their requirement.
- It has a unique wallet Id that the customers are no more required to depend on their mobile number.
- It has several multi functionalities systems and applications such as multi currency system, multi language application and multiple wallet application.
- It also has a slab-wise, flat and % of the transaction amount and/or fixed amount pricing/commission model available.
- Its mobile financial services (MFS) facilitate CashIn, CashOut, Money Transfer and Account Balance Enquiry.
- It can easily be integrated with one or more banks for seamless transfer of money from mWallet to bank account and vice versa.
- It offers reconciliation of the transactions and the whole system on just a click.
- It has user friendly GUI built-in-expertise for agents, subscribers and all other stakeholders.
- It also offers Top Up i.e. air time recharge for self and others using mWallet.
- Its reporting feature enables agents and subscribers to generate history reports via internet portal.
- With this, the operators can manage their subscriber life-cycle as per their business rules.

Additionally, xpWallet’s standard mWallet Platform also supports all primary mobile money application features like distribution hierarchy (M x N), stock management, customer care management, fraud management, agent network management and custom reporting.

"The customers will find Core standard mWallet services new, advanced and unique with several options to enjoy all kinds of mobile financial services" said Rohtas Chabra, Vice President – Product and Technology at xpWallet. “Apart from convenience, our core services platform include multiple functionalities systems and applications for all the different categories of customers.”

“The core mWallet platform is unique of its kind and will meet all the requirements that the consumers must have expected so far,” said Franck Detoh, Head of Sales Africa at xpWallet.”Its market differentiation and sustainable revenue opportunities are the key factors that our would-be partners find it worth having for their customers.”

About xpWallet

xpWallet, a venture company of multiCents group, is a company with a global perspective, but a keen customer focus to ensure an enhanced and comprehensive digital experience. The xpWallet's focus is on delivering software to Financial Institutions and Payment Processors in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. xpWallet is uniquely positioned to become a key contributor in growing mCommerce space. xpWallet constantly works with its commercial partners to develop integrated business solutions; provides customized, value-added services; and profitably grow their businesses.

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