Jogger Attacks Are On the Rise: EMegaBuy Builds Awareness & Provides Defensive Solutions

Joggers across the U.S. are experiencing random and targeted attacks as the summer season begins., a veteran owned company is stepping up to help build awareness and provide defensive solutions.

Online PR News – 31-May-2012 – Kansas City, Kansas – Jogger Attacks

As the summer season begins many joggers are taking advantage of the warmer weather, but unfortunately are being targeted by brutal attacks. Why these brutal attacks? Some are random and performed out of pure mischief while others are targeted to perform more heinous acts such as rape, robbery, and or kidnapping. Joggers are not only limited to attacks initiated by human beings, but are also at risk to vicious animal attacks.

Gender at Risk

Both male and female joggers are at risk from being attacked and should not be misled to believe that it only happens to a specific gender. While it is true that these attacks are not gender specific, female joggers are at a higher risk of experiencing sexually targeted attacks.

Possible Defenses

While no defense mechanism is 100% guaranteed to prevent an attack, it is imperative that joggers seek and plan to make themselves harder targets. Some positive implementations would be for joggers to consider jogging in partners or groups, jogging in areas with a clear view of travel (no highly wooded or brush areas), jogging in familiar and populated routes, wearing bright colors, jogging during daylight hours, jogging without headphones or anything that will obstruct hearing their surroundings, jogging with a cell phone, always advising someone route of travel and an estimated time of return, and most importantly carrying a defensive tool such as pepper spray or an electro shocking weapon.

Many joggers are stubborn to believe that any attack could happen to them until after they have experienced such attacks. As with many things, joggers must take a proactive approach in order to offer themselves a stronger position against an attack., a veteran owned company is stepping up to build awareness and provide defensive tools in order to prevent more joggers from becoming victims.

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