Announcing The Launch Of Offering Eco Friendly And Organic Products

Announcing the presence of our online store where we offer a wide variety of eco friendly, organic and stylish products for the home, family, kids and pets. We are a one stop shop for all things eco friendly.

Online PR News – 01-June-2012 – USA/Canada – It has become a fad to talk about going green, helping the environment, the green startups, and what not. People talk about going green all the time but as soon as it comes to actually purchasing greed items, everyone shrugs, they erroneously imagine that eco friendly and organic products, if available, must be outrageously expensive.

We decided to launch our website to rightly prove this concept wrong. We are here to show you it's possible to live a completely eco friendly and organic lifestyle. The products on our site are carefully selected, are very affordable, and when really compared with their counterparts, there won't be much difference.

There were days when green products did used to be expensive but then they were made in USA mostly. If you did check out products made in USA even today they are more expensive even when they are not eco friendly or organic. But people still buy them. Why? Because there are those who don't wish to compromise on quality. On the other hand, due to the increase in demand, the cost of producing green items have come down and it has become possible to manufacture the same goods at comparable prices. As the demand goes further up, they will become more cheaper. The demand is bound to go up as talk about global warming heats up.

So what's great about, there are others like,, and they all offer some eco friendly products. Primarily, it's difficult to find the right products on these sites, they are cluttered with a lot of info and it takes quite some time and research to find the right products. Some others focus on a single line of product, e.g., shoes, clothes, baby mattresses etc. Ours is a one stop shop. Purchasing from helps our beautiful blue planet, and the people who are painstakingly making them overcoming all difficulties.

We have some fun and fabulous products, like handbags made from recycled rubber tubes, glass jewelry made from antique glass and bottles, and much more. We also have a great selection of organic cotton mattresses, baby sheets, baby blankets, receiving blankets, green toys, pet products, and whatever else you can imagine.

In addition to the above, we are also giving away grand opening sales and discounts, so those who had always dreamed of buying eco friendly products, now is the time.