Kindle Version of “How to Let Go and Let God” Now Available

Author’s pain led her to seek God for the peace only he can promise. She shares her personal message in her latest release, “How to Let God and Let God”.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – Houston, TX – Are you struggling to let go of a past relationship? Have you ever been wronged in your life and want to forgive, yet you can’t seem to get past the pain? How many times have you given it to God at the Altar and pick it back up as you walk out of the Church! No longer shall you live in torment. Regina Baker announces the release of her latest book in Kindle Version, “How to Let Go and Let God”.

Many people have heard the words “Let Go and Let God” as if it is “cliché”. Yet the difference is Baker reveals what it means to “Let go and Let God”. She states, “Letting go and letting God means to cast all your cares to GOD. No situation is exempt from letting go and letting God, whether it is a relationship, job, friendship or even passing of a loved one”. How many times do people find themselves in situations that they need to let go of and don’t know how? Or how often will they pray about something and still find themselves worrying about it even when they pretended to let it go?

“How to Let Go and Let God” is a message of hope in a time of despair or even questioning your faith. It describes the pain Baker dealt with and how she got past it. It is a true example and testimony of God’s grace and mercy that when we give it all over to Him, He’s faithful to give us the understanding of what faith really means and how to adapt it in every area of our lives.

Readers are already benefiting from this message shared by Baker. Pastor Ced Reynolds states, “Her vulnerability to share personal pain will melt the hearts of every reader. Her genuine understanding that fixes to life’s challenges don’t come without process, will open up the eyes of many. Lastly, Regina demonstrates that by letting go and letting God, we are destined to see His awesome power working on our behalf. “How to Let Go and Let God” is right on time for the days we live in. Individuals, couples and families would do good to read this book.”

Baker states, “We all at some point in our lives will experience a “Job” moment, maybe not as tragic as his, however, a trial is a trial. It’s at that moment, we must determine whether we choose whether or not to wallow in self pity or seek God for His infinite wisdom and guidance and ultimately, let go”.

How To Let Go and Let God is available for $2.99 on Kindle.

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About Regina Baker

Confident and secure — she opens her mouth and tells it like it is!

Regina Baker, known as the “Keeping It Real” certified biblical, internet & offline marketing business consultant, knows what it’s like to really “let go and let God.”

“Life is REALLY like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

When faced with the devastating news of her late husband’s diagnosis, “terminal cancer,” Regina sought out for the real understanding of how faith and letting go and let God would help her through the difficult times ahead.

Baker says, “it’s only when you deeply seek God for spiritual understanding, that you’ll ever be blessed with knowing that the battle really isn’t yours, and that by surrendering everything over to God is as simple as making a sincere decision to do just that.”

While the journey wasn’t an easy one, it was the best time of her life. She formed a relationship with Jesus Christ, studied the word on a daily basis and received a “peace that surspasseth ALL worldly understanding.”

Letting Go and Let God is not as complicated as we try to make it. After a two year journey and going through the process, and becoming a Certified Biblical Consultant, Regina enjoys helping others to get past their pain to their power.

In all your getting… GET understanding!