Patent Assistance Worldwide Offers Necessary Services for Quick Patent Solutions

Even major technology firms like Apple can find themselves entangled in patent disputes, but the company's CEO says he prefers to settle them as quickly as possible—a comment that draws the attention of Patent Assistance Worldwide.

Online PR News – 29-May-2012 – Miami, Florida – There is no one in the field of technology who is completely exempt from possible patent disputes. Even Apple, one of the most profitable and reputable technology companies in the world, has recently found itself embroiled in numerous patent disputes—and according to the company's CEO, Tim Cook, Apple’s preference is simply to resolve these patent issues as promptly as possible. His comments have won the attention of other members of the technology and patent communities, including a company called Patent Assistance Worldwide.

Cook, as quoted in CNET, says that Apple's preference is to settle lawsuits and disputes as quickly as possible—so long as the company is not taken advantage of. "I would highly prefer to settle than to battle," Cook says. "But it's important that Apple not become the developer for the world. We need people to invent their own stuff."

His comments have met with a response from Patent Assistance Worldwide. In a statement to the press, Mark Fallows, the company's spokesman, offers his support for Cook's perspective. "What the Apple executive is saying is really something that most inventors and technology developers feel," says Fallows. "On the one hand, these patent lawsuits and disputes can be major headaches, and the desire is usually to get through them and move on as quickly as possible. As the same time, it is important for inventors to protect their intellectual property rights, and ultimately to not allow other people to kick them around."

But this is easier said than done, admits Fallows. Settling a patent dispute in a way that all parties find to be favorable is next to impossible, and defending intellectual property rights requires the services of a patent attorney. These lawyers are typically very pricey, however, and novice inventors often cannot afford their services.

That is where Fallows' company comes into play. "Patent Assistance Worldwide is a clearinghouse of services, all aimed at inventors," he explains. Fallows is quick to point out that the company is not a legal firm. "With that said, we have access to an incredible network of top patent attorneys. We can help inventors access these attorneys, often at discounted rates."

Legal services are not the only ones that Patent Assistance Worldwide offers in its "clearinghouse" approach, either. "Anything an inventor needs to protect and market his or her intellectual property, and ultimately generate profits, we can help them with," explains Fallows. The company helps inventors get in touch with patent researchers, artists, illustrators, and more. With most of these services, the company is often able to secure prices, "much lower than what the inventor would normally pay," Fallows says.

Patent Assistance Worldwide is a clearinghouse of services geared toward inventors seeking to protect or market their intellectual property. The company places clients in touch with professional illustrators, patent researchers, and patent attorneys, and typically offers inventors more affordable rates than traditional legal firms can offer. More information about Patent Assistance Worldwide can be found at" target="_blank" class="highlight_link">