ILG Energy Applauds Testing of Underutilized Sites for Untapped Energy

ILG Energy is proactive on finding energy wherever it is available. U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory designed and developed new testing tools to do just that was welcome news to the company.

Online PR News – 29-May-2012 – New Orleans, LA – What the new tools do is give local communities and property owners a chance to evaluate sites for energy possibilities—specifically solar and wind energy. About 490,000 sites and over 15 million acres of contaminated properties exist in the U.S. today. They are in every community. They include rooftops, parking lots, landfills, hazardous waste sites, brownfield sites and abandoned land. The idea is to turn them into renewable energy sources, if possible.

ILG Energy's Joel Gremillion says, "Exploiting local renewable energy is a top priority for the country. It's our goal to become energy independent and this is a ripe area to explore in that pursuit."

It might not sound like much but these stripper wells count for about 10% of the US oil and gas production. And they are mainly abandoned sites just like the ones these new tools will help identify.

The beauty of the tools is that no technical knowledge is necessary, according to ILG Energy. The tools consist of a solar decision and a wind decision tree. These trees are not intended to replace an in-depth site analysis, however. That would come after the screening.

The trees focus on potentially contaminated sites. However, information is also provided for sites mentioned above. Sites can be screened for their wind or solar potential individually or within a community evaluation of several sites. The tree contains tips to how to obtain the pertinent information.

This type of energy exploration activity parallels the ILG Energy model. The full service oil and gas exploration firm is very active in working to exploit low production stripper wells to their fullest capacity. A stripper well is an oil or gas well that is reaching the end of its economic life.

Gremillion explains, "It might not sound like much but these stripper wells count for about 10% of the US oil and gas production. And they are mainly abandoned sites, just like the ones these new tools will help identify."

In fact, according to ILG Energy, identifying renewable energy on sites like these has the potential for incredible benefits. It can provide a new land reuse option and increase the economic worth of the properties. The activity could produce jobs and develop clean energy for use on a local utility grid, which everyone benefits from.

According to Gremillion, the City of Richmond, CA is serving as the pilot community for development of the solar and wind decision tree tools. Involved community members and local governments there can now get active in energy production by using these decision trees to help identify the best sites for solar or wind energy installations.

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