XSite Fuel Manager Software Solution for Gas Stations Will be Enhanced to a Fourth Generation System

XSite Group, one of the most outstanding suppliers of Back Office for C-Stores and Gas Stations, explains the importance of Fuel Management Systems and the upcoming Fuel Management generation.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – St. Catharines, ON – XSite Group Inc. offers Gas Stations and C-Stores across North America the latest and most affordable fuel management solutions allowing complete petroleum management. XSite maintains its superior services by providing clients with user friendly applications and excellent customer service.

Fuel management systems are used to maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption and stock levels at one or multiple locations. These systems employ different methods and technologies to monitor fuel inventories, purchases, and fuel dispensed. All this information can be stored in the system in order to generate reports for management and decision making purposes. Throughout the years, technology has enhanced fuel management systems resulting in real-time data processing, and online reporting. Up to today there have been four recognizable generations of fuel management systems.

The first generation of these systems consisted of a padlock (for security) and clipboard and pencil for recording fuel inventories, sales and purchases. A self-contained microprocessor fuel system with an ID reader to identify the vehicle, means of controlling pumps, deliveries, and sales has been known as the second generation. Most of the systems today are considered to be third generation. Third generation systems are similar to the second generation with the addition that they are (periodically or permanently) connected to a PC storing data and generating reports. Most of the fuel management systems are now moving to the next generation, in which the system is fully integrated with the enterprise through the internet—web based— with the capacity of updating data in real time. All the information and all transactions are held on a central server for easy access and instant reporting.

XSite offers an easy to use—user friendly—fuel and reconciliation management system. XSite Fuel Manager, also known as XFM, reconciles all fuel sales to inventory levels, calculates shift and cash totals, and produces fuel and sales reports. It attaches to the tank gauge or accepts levels from a dip in order to maintain dip charts up-to-date for fuel reconciliation. Bob (Store Manager in Alberta, CA) explains “XFM has given us the flexibility to automatically transfer all our information to our Head Office without any delays or issues. The system is very easy to use allowing us to save time and labour costs. The program manages all fuel data including sales, tank dips, and deliveries. I like to see the financial reconciliations at the end of shift so I know exactly what happened that particular shift.”

The Fuel Manager system from XSite is compatible with the majority of POS (Point of Sales systems) in North America. The entire installation process for XFM is handled by the technical department at XSite, giving owners and managers peace of mind at the time of the installation. In addition XSite offers an on-going support contract which allows customers to contact XSite technicians at any time with any technical questions. By the end of the year, XSite plans to convert its Fuel Management System to a fourth generation system—making the application completely web based and accessible anytime and anywhere. If you think this system can be beneficial to you and your daily management activities please visit www.xsitesoftware.ca or contact David Cook at 1-888-346-0864 for more information.