MyCashplus Offers Prepaid Cardholders The Opportunity To Have An Overdraft

Many people find having an overdraft essential. After all, having an overdraft provides a handy credit buffer.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – London, United Kingdom – Many people find having an overdraft essential. After all, having an overdraft provides a handy credit buffer that can smooth out cash flow if regular income doesn’t quite match outgoings from time to time. So for example, with an overdraft in place, if a higher than expected bill comes in, it could still be paid even though there isn’t enough of the customer’s own money left in the account to cover it.

In fact, overdrafts are so useful that 35% of bank account holders in the UK have dipped into their overdraft in the last year1. And no wonder people are using this feature: times are tough for an awful lot of people throughout the UK right now, with many having to cope without a pay rise even though the cost of living has risen alarmingly.

Yet despite overdrafts being recognised as being handy for so many people, lots of customers with a basic bank account don’t have access to one – after all, banks aren’t obliged to offer them. And until very recently, prepaid card accounts in the UK did not typically come with the benefit of an Overdraft. So, how on earth can people get by if they need just a little help to keep things going for a short period of time?

Thankfully, Cashplus, a particularly innovative prepaid card brand, has recently started offering an overdraft to many of its customers. Just as with a typical bank overdraft, Cashplus customers can automatically dip into it when they don’t have enough of their own money in their prepaid card Account. And of course, it’s a reusable type of credit. So as long as the customer continues to repay at least part of the Overdraft, they can use it again and again.

The Cashplus Overdraft can be used for pretty much anything – for everyday essentials, emergencies, getting Direct Debits paid, unexpected bills and making cash withdrawals. In short, the Cashplus Overdraft is ideal for days when there’s just more going out than is coming in.

In fact, the Cashplus card and Account now offers so many useful benefits, it provides a package that’s better than what a typical bank account offers. To find out more about the innovative new overdraft feature, visit the Cashplus website.

Cashplus prepaid cards look and work like a debit or credit card. With a prepaid card is not necessary to pay interest or penalty fees. Cashplus is a safe way to shop online or in stores worldwide, wherever is seen the MasterCard acceptance mark.

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