Family Services Company Launches Its First Self-Directed Credit Repair Program

1st Choice Family Solutions just launched its very first self-directed credit restoration program for the general public. Company owner says that credit repair is a process and this product will allow people to do it for themselves.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – Arlington – Texas-based 1st Choice Family Solutions, , announced yesterday, its very first self-directed credit repair software program, that has people scrambling to get it. The company boasts that this program will allow up to 3 profiles for a one-time fee of $299. “The program is simple but packed with useful things. We know credit repair isn’t a complicated process, but people are intimidated by the thought of doing it themselves. That’s why we solved the problem by automating the process, so anyone can do it for themselves. We’re moving towards empowerment. We want to help people help themselves with our help and guidance”, says company CEO William B. Bronson, who is also the author of, “The Mortgage Millionaire”. His book rocketed to 5 stars at Barnes and Noble online just two short years ago, and he’s been innovating ever since. He comments, “Companies are always trying to convince the public that they are indispensable and that you can’t live without them. Most of the time, people can do things for themselves. They just don’t know how. That’s our new endeavor; to empower people to do things for themselves through offering them the education, tools, guidance, and motivation to succeed. The program is local, on the customer’s computer. They download it and are given a security key. So, once they install it, they own it. There are no more fees involved”.

1st Choice Family Solutions started in early 2009 as a loan modification marketing company, and quickly gained the attention of thousands of workers nationwide, with their patented Crisis-to-Prosperity concept and growing list of consumer-friendly service offerings.

“We’re on the verge of a major breakthrough with our mortgage rescue program. Once complete, we’ll have two very important areas covered with our new self-directed approach. I think people will love the lower cost and the added direct involvement in helping their own family”, says Mr. Bronson. “We’re a solutions company. All we want is to help thousands of people get a better life”.

One look at the website and it’s clear that Mr. Bronson means business. has a colorful, meaningful, and almost transparent look and feel, to show this company’s mission. It’s crisp, clean, and inviting to the eye. And with easy-to-learn product sections, videos, and online ordering capability, it’s a refreshing organization to see pop up during one of the worst real estate market crashes in history. This company is worth checking out. To Contact Mr. William B. Bronson, visit the web company website.