Genius in Simplicity: New Task and Project Management Tool VisioTask

HANDYTEQ company has announced the release of VisioTask, an innovative solution for task and project management. The program is meant to help the user keep in mind strategic objectives, while successfully managing present-day problems.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – Krasnoyarsk, Russia – HANDYTEQ company has announced the release of VisioTask, an innovative solution for task and project management. The program is meant to help the user keep in mind strategic objectives, while successfully managing present-day problems. VisioTask is remarkable for its clear interface, well-thought-out priority settings and radically new approach to task representation and email handling.

The software market abounds with various solutions for project management, and all of them are advertised as "highly effective". Is that true? Most of such programs can really be of use, but only after the user spends a lot of time on puzzling them out. VisioTask, however, is quite a different story: it makes the overall picture easy to grasp, it keeps all relevant data close at hand, and its interface is intuitive and minimalistic. Though being a new program, VisioTask has already got 5-star Editor´s ratings at many software download sites. Let us take a closer look at its functions and features.

Task management

The new approach to task management is what makes VisioTask worthy of notice. The creators of this program have rejected the traditional structures of task and project management tools: in this program each task is enclosed in a colored box according to its priority rank and stacked together with other boxes of the same color. All in all there are four stacks: red (the highest priority), amber, green and blue (the lowest priority).
Such design is not only visually pleasing, but also crystal clear. One short glance at the main screen allows the user to see the "wood", not just the "trees": that is, to grasp the whole map of priorities, to compare the tasks and to quickly decide what is important at the moment. It stands to reason that the ability to take adequate decisions in a short time is one of the key components of success.

What does priority rank depend on? VisioTask provides a set of simple tools, which help the user rank each created task with maximum accuracy and ease. By moving colored sliders the user sets the values of such parameters as importance, urgency, difficulty and risk of delay: the general priority of this task is automatically calculated on the basis of the given data. Precise calculation takes place of doubts and hesitations.

Besides priority settings, each task can be divided into subtasks, assigned to a certain person and supplied with additional information. For instance, it is possible to state the strategic goal, which is associated with the task, in a separate field. There is also a special field for a detailed description of the desired result.

Emails and files management

Sometimes information flow can be difficult to handle, especially if the user´s projects involve communication and co-operation with many other people (e.g. boss, customers, employees, partners, etc.). VisioTask can make life a little better by keeping all relevant data in one place. First, it integrates with Microsoft Outlook and provides one-click access to all emails related to a certain task. Second, it allows linking files to tasks, so that the related documents could be instantly opened from VisioTask main screen. Drag&drop operations are supported.

One of the most important features of VisioTask is smart sorting of emails, which saves the user´s time and enables him (or her) to pay attention to the most important messages without getting distracted by something insignificant. In other words, the user focuses on completion of high priority tasks rather than on answering emails. The application can be taught to sort out the numerous incoming letters automatically and link them to corresponding task boxes. Besides prioritizing incoming emails, this feature also facilitates tracking updates on each objective: special numeric indicators on each box show the number of new and unread emails related to it. In addition to that, VisioTask interface also supports writing, answering and forwarding emails.

As for file management, it should be noted that creation of a link between a document and a task box does not change the file´s physical location. In fact, the file can be stored anywhere: in a local folder, in a remote folder, in a cloud, etc. One file can be linked to several different tasks, just like a song can be included into several playlists on an iPod. Each task has its own "playlist of files", which contains documents from different locations. All relevant files can be accessed in one click!

To sum up, VisioTask significantly facilitates priority management due to the new way of visualization and easier decision-making. It combines useful project management features with functions of a personal assistant, being clear and straightforward at the same time. In the nearest future the developers of the program plan to improve its smart sorting accuracy and to add support for other popular email clients besides Microsoft Outlook.

Why VisioTask?

-Concentration on the most important tasks is essential for success;
-An instant snapshot of the map of priorities;
-Simple and colorful design with elements of animation;
-Time-saving direct access to emails and documents;
-Integration with Microsoft Outlook and automatic email sorting;
-Facilitates decision-making under massive information flow.

Pricing and Availability

VisioTask is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7. A single-user license costs 48.00 USD. Further information of the product, as well as its 30-days trial version, is available at the product page.


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HANDYTEQ LLC is a software developer specializing in innovative tools for busy people. The company´s mission is to help its customers be effective, efficient and successful in any circumstances. The key product of the company is VisioTask - a new task and project management tool full of innovative and intelligent features.