Grand Opening - Fort Myers Hypnosis

Grand Opening - Fort Myers Hypnosis - Katie Romano Griffin - 2709 Swamp Cabbage Ct Fort Myers, 33907

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – Fort Myers, FL – Katie Romano Griffin has opened Fort Myers Hypnosis - 2709 Swamp Cabbage Court Fort Myers, 33907

Carpe diem!

I love life. I have been blessed with fabulous friends, family and a host of amazing experiences. I am driven, goal-oriented people person and consider it a major blessing that I get to make a living doing the very things I love most: Building relationships, writing, and getting in front of the camera--Way cool!

I am also passionate about making a difference in my community both locally and globally.

New York transplant, Katie Romano Griffin has been a regular visitor to Southwest Florida since her grandparents settled here in the late 1970’s. Her provincial Sicilian roots, and supportive family carefully steered her towards integrative medicine at a very early age, while also encouraging her to pursue all of her passions with reckless abandon. The result is a successful career in both Western and Holistic Medicine, her position as CEO of Publishing Company, several published articles nationally and regionally, and an emerging speaking career related to the up-and-coming release of her new book Expect. Expand. Recap. Reveal.

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She can be reached through Healthy Life Centers


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