Over 200 New Modern And Antique Bathroom Vanities At BathKitchenAndBeyond.com

More than 200 new bathroom cabinets from Fresca, Avanity, Wyndham Collection and Ambella Home.

Online PR News – 26-May-2012 – Glendale, CA – Bath Kitchen and Beyond has a superb collection of vanities and bathroom cabinets to delight customers. The bathroom vanities included in this mix will enhance virtually any bathroom. And the cabinets add a subtle expanse for storage space and casual good looks.

The functional value of a bathroom vanity can go unnoticed until it happens to disappear. It becomes apparent then that vanities work to help tie together a bathroom's appealing decor. The final thought that goes into whether modern bathroom vanities fit the bill rests with the customer. But the staffers at Bath Kitchen and Beyond, whether in the Glendale store or online, are there to help customers make informed decisions. Clients can expect quick, clear advice regarding any aspect of their bathroom fittings.

Bath Kitchen and Beyond maintains close ties with many of the industry's finest cabinet makers and designers. Customers can choose from more than 200 new vanities produced by Fresca, Avanity and the Wyndham Collection. The bathroom fixtures made by these cabinet makers rival any other, worldwide. Designs in stock at Bath Kitchen and Beyond run the gamut from modern, to traditional, to antique bathroom vanities. The store is also proud to display the full product line developed by Ambella Home. This fabulous collection includes not only vanities, but an array of cabinets, tables, desks and chairs that can be had in a variety of styles, colors and materials.

Bath Kitchen and Beyond has over 1500 modern and antique bathroom vanities for customers to inspect. And that's just a part of the more than 3,500 products the company has on hand. This large selection of vanities and other decor enhancing fixtures virtually guarantees clients will walk away with their ideal choices. If those choices aren't immediately apparent, count on the store's staff to help find them. If a customer isn't satisfied with the vanities on display, the store will contact suppliers to see if they might have a vanity design more appealing to the client. Decor with a purpose - that's how Bath Kitchen and Beyond measures its marketing goals.

Going out of the way to satisfy customers is a Bath Kitchen and Beyond trademark. From the magnificent display of vanities, cabinets and other items, to the care of customers by the store's staff, Bath Kitchen and Beyond is a shopper's delight. Contact by phone at 877-917-7834.

About Bath Kitchen and Beyond
Bath Kitchen and Beyond is a company that specializes in selling bathroom vanities, bathtubs, steam showers, and other various bathroom and kitchen products to suit any kind of home décor.

Bath Kitchen and Beyond is a California based company that has a 6,000 sqft showroom in Glendale that features over 50 different models of bathroom vanities, showers, and kitchens. Internet has made it possible to shop at BathKitchenandBeyond.com for those who live outside of California and cannot make it to the showroom.

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