UNIBLITZ® Introduces Upgrade to CS90S 90mm Shutter Series, the New CS90HS Series

Vincent Associates is announcing a new product upgrade to their CS90s 90mm. The manufacturers of Uniblitz are pleased to announce the new change and it can be viewed on their website at www.uniblitz.com

Online PR News – 26-May-2012 – Rochester, NY – – Vincent Associates, the manufacturer of UNIBLITZ® shutters, has provided an upgrade to the CS90S 90mm aperture shutter, now referred to as the CS90HS series.
Major improvements to the device include the removal of the printed wiring assembly to enhance the device’s usability with a variety of driver types. Where with the original configuration, certain drive types were unusable or were required to be re-configured for use with the device, these drivers can now easily be interfaced to drive the CS90HS series.
The configuration of the actuators has also been updated. The secondary actuator is reconfigured to work in tandem with the primary actuator allowing both to drive the shutter to the active state while utilizing the return spring of each actuator to provide the force to return the device to the default state. This upgrade enhances both opening and closing speed. The blade mass and surface flatness have been increased to ensure smooth, reliable and quiet operation for an aperture of its size.
Along with these and other small improvements to the device, the CS90HS Series also includes our new “inertial dampers”, one used for each blade, similar to those used on the CS65S series. These dampers also enhance the quiet operation and have shown to improve reliability by damping the excess inertia from each of the six shutter blades.
The CS90HS device can also be modified for bi-stable operation with a slight re-configuration of the actuators. Look for additional bi-stable enhancements along with the future addition of an NS90B type device. These devices will open a new vista of possibilities for even larger aperture devices for customer specific applications.
For more than 40 years, Vincent Associates has been supplying the UNIBLITZ® electro-programmable shutter systems worldwide, addressing numerous demanding applications.
Vincent Associates® is the manufacturer of UNIBLITZ® electronic shutters and shutter systems based in Rochester, NY, with distribution centers worldwide. Vincent Associates® provides shutter solutions to a wide variety of consumers after rigorous testing to ensure application with confidence. For more information visit their site at: www.uniblitz.com, email vincentassociates@uniblitz.com, or call (585) 385-5930 to learn more about products offered by UNIBLITZ® and how they may help you with your application.