New Softwares announces the updated of release USB Lock® 1.2.6

The invisible threat of electronic identity theft is always looming. Without portable file security products we can fall victim to identity theft, the question is when, not if.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – Beaverton – Beaverton, Oregon — March 24, 2012 — According to a recent study a new form of identity theft is fast emerging on top, identity theft through mobile storage devices. Mobile devices with the potential of storing personal information, such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and USB storage devices can easily be misplaced. Once misplaced, these devices can effortlessly end up in the hands of an identity thief. Jonathan Ladd who works as a security consultant for New knows the true impact identity theft has on its victims; he researches on cases pertaining to identity theft every day. “Most ordinary folks never give any second thoughts to portable file security, until they fall victim to it” Ladd says.

Glen Ridge, New Jersey: Kate Patrick receives a phone call from office depot’s loss prevention department, the subject matter: her most recent purchase of computer equipments and toner cartridges. However, Kate never purchased any of those items. It turned out that the transaction was conducted through Kate’s credit card by an identity thief. To make matters even more confusing, Kate never even lost her wallet. Her information was stolen electronically! “Electronic means of obtaining personal information is the biggest threats to your privacy, because you never find out about it, unless someone informs you” Ladd further added. New Software specializes in developing file security software designed to prevent frauds like identity theft. One of their software USB Lock is designed to prevent such incidents if a person were to lose their portable storage device, such as a flash drive or a portable hard-drive. The software installed on the USB device password protects folders and files located on the portable storage devices. Recently New Softwares has updated this software to version 1.2.6 which enables it to work smoothly and more efficiently with all variants of windows 7 operating systems.

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