DIY marketing and business tool for photographers

Green Apple Ideas introduces a new DIY marketing and business tool for photographers who want to start their own business. The company aims to give women the tools they need to stay home with their children while doing what they love if that is their choice.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – Ashburn, VA – Green Apple Ideas is introducing a new product to help photographers set up and market their own business. It includes a DIY business and marketing kit that will help new business owners learn to organize and promote their photography businesses. Many women are being laid off from their corporate jobs and are having a difficult time finding work. Other mothers are faced with leaving their children in daycare when they would rather be home with them. Green Apple Ideas believes that women should be able to choose to do what they love while still paying the bills. Many women are prolific artists with amazing photography skills, but do not have the knowledge to market their talents. Green Apple Ideas is offering the tools to help women use their DIY marketing kit to learn to earn more money from home. For Green Apple Ideas, it is all about offering choices and freedom to women.