Hoosier Tae Kwon Do Organizes Belt Promotion Test

Taekwondo training is in much demand these days and thus the Hoosier Taekwondo training center has organized a belt test competition at its center. The test mainly aimed at assessing and qualifying the existing students to the next level of training.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – Middlebury, Indiana – The institute is very popular due to the expert trainers and the learning environment provided to the students. In fact many corporate, schools and colleges have been running self defense training for its employees and students through the institute. The Hoosier Tae Kwon Do training group has recently held a belt promotion test at its new taekwondo training center -Indiana Taekwondo Training Centre. The founder of Hoosier Tae Kwon Do conducted the test with the assistance of some of his black belt alumni and current students. The black belt test was conducted in a affectionately encouraging environment, which promoted inclusion of students from all races and age groups. The event was fully enjoyed by the participants as well as the spectators especially the parents. At the end of the test, the students were awarded black belt, white belt and yellow belt as per their performance. Along with the belts the students were also given performance certificates.

The taekwondo training school emphasizes on the need for self defense at all levels and age groups irrespective of the. It also advocates the importance of such training t early childhood, which is the best time for a kid to acquire fast and swift steps and actions. Of course an adult can equally learn the tricks of taekwondo, but as compared to a kid, the adult would require more training in regards to the flexibility. The training is equally important to a female considering the safety issues in many public places these days. For women the institute even runs extra class in mornings, which is primarily focused on the safety issues for housewives.

The school also holds and organizes various extra-curricular events to make the taekwondo training a fun experience. It is worth mentioning that the institute supports its most enthusiastic students in a big way and gives them opportunities to participate in regional, zonal, national and international events. Many of its students have also won gold medal and silver medals in various events. The institute is very popular amongst the young masses as well as schools, colleges and corporate for its quality training. In fact many corporate have also selected the school in their panel and they conduct regular self defense training for the employees in their premises. Most of the times the training is also imparted to the teachers and students of the schools and colleges which have selected the institute amongst its self defense training partner.

Although the institute is not very high on its promotional and marketing budget, but almost 95 percent of the cases, the admissions are done by referrals of the existing students, schools where the training is conducted and employee referrals from the many corporate. In fact one can say that it is the power of word of mouth which has helped a big way to the institute to expand its operations. Of course the good word of mouth comes from positive experiences and feedbacks of the students taking training from the experts in institute.

Many students have given positive feedback about the training structure of the institute. The training structure not only emphasizes on self defense but also touches a very sensitive issue of human nature- confidence and self esteem. A positive touch to boost the confidence level and increase the self esteem can go a big way and do wonders in changing and shaping a person’s personality- it inculcates the values of logical reasoning, empathy, patience and courage in a person. A person with improved personality definitely holds a better stand in front of others and has the capability to look at and address the many challenges in a different and logical manner. He is more patient in times of crisis than his peers and shows the courage to deal with many obstacles and problems with ease.

Hoosier Tae Kwon Do training academy is one of the best academies to give taekwondo training. The institute has students from across the world ranging from US to Japan, Korea, China, India and even Germany and France. The fee charged is very nominal when compared with the quality of training and experience of the trainers. Many successful students get an opportunity to represent the institute at various competitions t different levels. For more details about the institute please visit www.hoosiertaekwondo.com