releases Folder Protect version 1.9.3

Ignorance can lead to disaster, it’s a proven fact! No one is immune to data breaches, and you alone are responsible for the security of your private data. Therefore, taking proper measures such as protecting your files with Folder Protect is your only line of defense.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – Beaverton, OR – May, 23, 2012 Beaverton, Oregon - According to Jonathan Ladd, security analyst for, data breaches are on the upsurge across the United States, and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t take appropriate precautions to secure our data. Just a few weeks back, Utah's Department of Technology Services (DTS) became victim to a massive data breach by hackers from Eastern Europe; the hackers had managed to steal personal information on an estimated 80,000 people. After a thorough criminal investigation, it was established that the hacked servers did not have strong passwords; instead they were protected by default passwords with no firewall protection added on those servers. This incident had been an eye-opener for the Utah government, which is now taking extra measures on securing public data. Ladd is not surprised by this incident, and believes that data breaches can occur when they are least expected, he also places emphasis on public awareness on identity theft and data breaches. “It is up to the individual himself or herself to safeguard their own private data. There are plenty of file security applications that can prevent data breaches” he added. The organization that Ladd works for specializes in file security and file encryption software. One of their security software “ Folder Protect ” is designed to restrict access to unauthorized users. This file security software enables you to customize your own security settings, such as restricting overall access, hiding files, preventing accidental deletion, and restricting file modification. Ladd believes that businesses as well as individuals can benefit greatly from this software as it can provide invaluable protection for important files. Folder protect 1.9.3 has just been released with enhanced protection functionality with windows 7.
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