HCG DietsTv Explains The Deposits And Withdrawals Of Fat

Ancient man was never fat, he grazed and nibbled his way through life. It was only when regular meals were introduced that obesity became a real issue, the body was flooded with nutrients that it did not need.

Online PR News – 26-May-2012 – Seattle, WA – The tendency to store fat is very definitely a metabolic disorder. Often people think they are fat because they eat too much, regardless of what the truth is, what is it that happens in the obese body? Any person struggling with their weight knows they need to take control, but how?

Is obesity due to an abnormal functioning of some part of the body where every ounce of accumulated fat is the result of this disorder? A person free of the disorder can frequently overeat and never get fat, a person with this disorder will get fat, even if they overeat, eat normally or eat less.

Being fat can be partly a genetic disposition and partly something to do with some malfunction of various glands within the body. If this is so, then treatment will work for both men and women. If treatment works, then the person concerned should be able to eat normally any food without putting on weight again. Therefore it is vital that the nature of the ‘disorder’ which leads to obesity is identified accurately.
Today obesity is extremely common because a tendency to be overweight can be inherited. In ancient times man grazed and ate only when hungry. The time when regular meals became the norm was when the obesity problem started to gain hold. Eating regular meals put a great strain on the intestinal tract as it meant man had to eat more than his body needed in order to tide him over until the next meal.

There are three kinds of fat – the normal reserve of fuel which the body draws upon when the food in the intestinal tract is insufficient to meet the demand for muscle power and maintaining body temperature; the structural fat such as that which protects organs and resides on the balls of the feet, for example, without which we could not walk. Both these types of fat are normal and could never lead to obesity. But the third type of fat which the obese person suffers from can be used as fuel however it is not available as energy it gets ‘locked away’ in a fixed deposit and not a ‘current account’ like the normal reserves.

When a fat person loses weight, they lose normal fat reserves and structural fat, only as a last resort does the abnormal fat start to burn up but by this time exhaustion sets in. The result is the weight piles back on again. As more calories are required to heat and move a large body around, obese people only feel well when their weight is stable or they are gaining. Most people in this situation can actually gain weight even when reducing calorie intake. So there must be another reason for the weight gain.

If such a center exists then it would appear that it is acting like a bank and selects whether to deposit fat reserves in a current account or a savings account and manages the deposits and withdrawals.

When deposits and withdrawals are frequent there may come a time when the center decides to save itself the time and effort and simply puts all fat received into the savings account, leaving the current account held at the minimum required to function.

This center is thought to be the diencephalon part of the hypothalamus. Hcg diet drops simulate the body’s reaction to pregnancy and keep the blood saturated with usable fat which in the obese person means it releases it from the savings account; another bonus is a reduction in appetite as the blood is saturated meaning that the person feels full most of the time as if they have just eaten a meal.

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