Kansas City Roofers Launch $500 Discount On National Home Improvement Month

May is National Home Improvement Month. MB Roofing Inc., one of the most trusted roofers in Kansas City, is slashing $500 off from re-roofs booked online to celebrate the occasion.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – Kansas City, MO – MB Roofing, Inc. – May is National Home Improvement Month, and a locally based composition roofing expert is slashing $500 off from re-roofing projects to celebrate the occasion.

Roofers in Kansas City cannot stress proper upkeep enough, said MB Roofing, Inc. “Though the services we offer are the lifeblood of our business, we want our customers to know that our main duty is to ensure the overall health of their roofs.”

The rebate applies to all new re-roof projects booked online. Customers who use the web form or contact the company through its Facebook fanpage are eligible to receive the price slash.

Other freebies rolled out

Aside from the website promo, MB Roofing, Inc. continues to invite homeowners to take advantage of the company’s free and value-for-money offers:

• Cost estimates are free of charge, but these may only be availed of by homeowners who are based in Missouri and by locals who agree to a preliminary inspection.

• Valued at $250 to $300, surveys are on the company as well. Appointment setting is required before the contractor can assign an inspector to assess roofing damage.

• Homeowners may consult with the assigned visiting roofer for recommendations and questions. For this reason, the support desk may be unable to answer requests for specific roofing advice or price quotes over the phone.

• Roof cleanup services are bundled with complete re-shingling jobs, and homeowners can expect MB Roofing, Inc.’s Kansas city roofers to tidy up the work site as soon as projects are completed.

Interested homeowners who would like to get the full details of the rebate or other free services may use the online web inquiry form and call the customer help desk for mechanics.

Qualifying a re-roof; it’s no layover.

“Re-roofing” is one term that could have several meanings, the contractor said. The service is often thought to be either one of two things: a lay-over job or a complete rework:

• Lay-overs involve adding a new layer of shingle over an existing one
• A complete rework involve tearing up and replacement old roofing components.

For the promo, lay-overs may not be covered, clarified MB Roofing, Inc.

Changes to the 2006 International Residential Code discourage the practice and prohibit it in areas that are prone to snow fall and hail damage.

Multiple layers were found to subject the roofing system to more load and strain. Home inspectors add that installing a second layer usually deducts at least half a decade from the life expectancy of the roofing system.

While some counties and cities in the greater Kansas City metro might make an exception with layovers, the company said it will support only the “best practices” in the industry.