Launches Collaborative Project To Inspire Coffee And Tea Drinkers
05/24/2012 invites readers to share a picture of their favorite coffee mug and its story for free. Users can vote for their favorite coffee mug and contribute to the community.

Online PR News – 24-May-2012 – Lawrenceville, GA – has launched a collaborative project to inspire the coffee and tea drinkers of the world. By submitting a picture of their favorite mug and telling the story of why it's so special, users can share a part of themselves and become part of a larger online community of those with "beloved mugs."

The project is the brainchild of Wendy Phraner who was seeking a way to express her creativity and create space for others to share something special.

"I was laid off from my job from a large software company on February 1, 2012 and wanted to rejuvenate my creativity. One morning, after writing my "morning pages" (inspired by the book the Artist's Way) I was watching the sun come up and holding my coffee mug in my hands, enjoying its warmth and the coffee itself. I put the mug on the table and studied it. It was gorgeous," says Phraner, "I loved it for so many reasons…the way it felt, the beautiful earthy colors, the fact that it was handmade and was from a place that was very special to me. I realized that I used this mug every day."

I was laid off from my job from a large software company on February 1 2012 and wanted to rejuvenate my creativity. One morning after writing my

"I had 20-plus mugs in my cabinet, but this was the one that I reached for every day. Could I be the only one that does such a thing? People must have some great stories about their mug, just like me! I wondered, wouldn't it be cool have a place on the web to share those stories? Maybe even have a book that shows the best of the best?" And so My Beloved Mug was born!

The "My Beloved Mug" site showcases submissions from readers who have a favorite coffee or tea mug. Readers share a picture of their coffee mug and a story about why it’s so special. Current stories range from woman who picked up a mug on sale featuring a favorite quote from Ghandi to a user who splits her coffee drinking time between a Valentine’s mug and an Ohio State mug.

By visiting and selecting "submit your story" users can tell the story of their favorite mug. Users are required to upload a .jpg picture (smaller than 500 pixels), enter their name, email, story title and story. The site offers three prompts to get users started on their story, but they are encouraged to be creative and detailed in the telling. The ultimate goal of the site it so create a “coffee table” book that showcases the best mugs and personal stories attached to them. Visitors to the site can vote for their favorite mug by clicking on stars at the end of each story.

The submission guidelines specify that users can only submit one story and one picture. This way users are guided to select the mug that is most important to them, which reflects the true spirit of the project. If a user later decides that they have a new mug that they want to feature, they can contact the site administration to have the first story deleted.

Once a story is submitted, it can be viewed right away on the website. A user can share their published story using a link provided in email confirmation after the story is submitted. They can also share using the social media sharing buttons on each submission. Using these buttons can help spread the word about the site and encourage others to get involved with the community project. Subscribing to the blog offers all visitors a way to stay on top of the newest stories and pictures.

About is a global online research project. It’s built from collaborative, crowdsourced submissions from the general public. Established in 2012 by Wendy Phraner, the project is free to submit to by anyone who has an affinity for their coffee or tea mug.

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