Look Ventures Announces Debut of The World’s First Fully Universal Website Portal

All new universal language search and portal website Prefrd.com offers a number of exciting and innovative new web portal and search engine features that not even Google or Yahoo can match.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – OOttawa, Ontario, May 24, 2012 – Look Ventures LLC, a website development and management Company is pleased to announce the launch of their all new Fully Universal Search Engine and Home Page Portal, www.prefrd.com. Prefrd.com offers a number of exciting and new innovative features not found in other websites, claims developer and CEO of Look Ventures, Cliff Livingstone. In particular, Prefrd.com allows viewers to search the Internet effortlessly in their own Mother Tongue. Not even Google or Yahoo can do that.
Prefrd.com’s search engine aspect is also very capable, claims Livingstone, offering numerous additional search related features not found in most other search websites.
Everybody wins with Prefrd.com, says Livingstone. All of the major Internet English websites are located in simple one click ‘Topics’ and ‘Best of lists’ collections of easy to find bookmarks. Both Prefrd.com’s search results and all of the bookmarks are instantly translatable into 64 different languages through a simple ‘one click’ translation flag system near the top of the Home Page. After the translation, the user can then surf the Internet uninterrupted in the language selected for the remainder of the session, website after website.
Livingstone is quick to point out that the use of translation flags is not unique to Prefrd.com. However, he also points out that the combination of 64 different fast and simple one click translation flags, plus the consecutive continuity of the translations from website to website is unique, plus the ability to convert the search results into a given language including Mobile Search is totally unique. Which all contribute to a completely practical and exciting Internet experience for all users in any of the languages provided including English.
For most non-English viewers, this will be the first time ever they will have been be able to view most of the major English websites, let alone even know about them. A very major benefit of Prefrd.com for the non-English speaking world which Livingstone likes to point out.
Prefrd.com also contains numerous Daily Humour items all of which are translatable, including cartoons. The items refresh every time Prefrd.com is refreshed or re-loaded. For English viewers, this makes Prefrd.com a perfect source for quick coffee break and study break material. It also makes Prefrd.com a perfect surrogate Humour Website for viewers in Countries which do not have a native humour website. Who would otherwise never be exposed to good humour on the Internet.

Prefrd.com also provides instant access to major reference websites like ‘Wikipedia’ and the DMOS directory. Prefrd.com is therefore equally ideal for students, teachers, educational institutions, and researchers alike in anyone of the 64 countries and languages provided who require research information.
For convenience, Prefrd.com also provides a simple link allowing users to semi automatically make Prefrd.com their Browser Home Page, regardless of Browser. Furthermore, foreign viewers are able to convert Predfrd.com into their own language and then make the translated version their Home Page. This effectively makes Prefrd.com a dedicated Home Page Website Portal in their own Mother Tongue for everyone. A simple ‘Help’ link guides the user through the process, says Livingstone.
In summary, Prefrd.com is universally ideal for any internet user at home or at school in any of the 64 countries and languages provided in the translation tabloid. Prefrd.com is particularly convenient for anyone, particularly non-English speaking users, traveling or staying in motels or hotels who do not have their laptop or desktop with them and all of their normal bookmarks and refrerences at hand. This last factor alone is one of the main reasons for Prefrd.com’s many useful bookmarks, says Livingstone.

Livingstone also suggests that Hostelliers enjoying an International market should make Prefrd.com the Home Page on all of their room and courtesty computers. Similarly, IT personal at Schools, Universties and Colleges should make Prefrd.com the home page on all computers under their supervision. Most particulary if the campus or school has a number of foreign students.
Look Ventures LLC was incorporated in the State of Nevada in 1999, and is currently headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. It originally began with a search engine portal website called www.wholelook.com. In late 2011 www.wholelook was subsequently renamed www.prefrd.com, and has been subsequently enhanced up to its current status.
Wholelook.com was the damage control from website and domain name www.look.com which was lost under nefarious circumstances near the end of 2003. The details of the incident have been humorously chronicled in an article titled, ‘The Short and Sorry Saga of Look.com’. The article can be found at: http://www.prefrd.com/content/shortandsorry.shtml.
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