Mauritius Textile Association named Luqman as the most intelligent SEO Specialist

Mauritius based Textile Companies which has recently hired Luqman and his SEO Company awarded as the world’s most intelligent Search engine optimizer and Search engine marketer whose strategies has started helping Mauritius Textile Association

Online PR News – 25-February-2010 – – Mr. Bryan the most well known African Textile Company owner working for Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Chaps, Nautica, Levi’s and world’s other most famous clothing brands has told in a Textile meeting that took place this afternoon here in Mauritius that their decision to choose Luqman’s SEO Company again for web designing, web development, online reputation for Textile machinery and Textile companies in Mauritius was the best decision they ever made.

Bryan added, retailers here has had no idea how E-commerce enabled website can help lives here in Mauritius and African regions and we thank Luqman for introducing local textile companies how impressive their online presence may be for their businesses.

We understand we have loads of competition with Chinese Textile firms as it is hard to bid on what Chinese Textile companies bid but again, our clothing is much better than China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and even Eastern Europe and our small business owners has started getting benefit from their online ecommerce stores.

Clothing manufacturers whose website designing and web development has been done this month by SEO Company has started receiving orders for Mauritius clothing from France, Portugal, UK, Austria and even Sweden, Belgium, Denmark and Slovakia and I am really impressed with these guys services.

I am a British and I understand British Market has a bit more potential than in Pakistan, but their service has proved for our small business owners here in Mauritius they know what they are doing, I do not know a lot about Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing, but been studying couple of articles and press releases of Google on how things go in SEO process, but I am amazed to see our customers completely new websites for Clothing business has started receiving online business orders.

SEO Company has already delivered us 3 out of 114 websites and these 3 website which has started receiving business speaks of their knowledge, expertise and their seriousness in helping companies worldwide grow their business.

I would like to Thank Luqman once again and we here in Mauritius Textile Association have named them the Best SEO Specialist that makes brand new and useful Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing strategies, I personally would be meeting Luqman in Turkey in April to thank him for what they are doing for us, A country who needs IT support not only in Textile but in various business and we would let Luqman and his SEO Company help local small business firms, mid-sized companies and even home based small business owners.

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