Offers Up To 75% Discounts On Original Hand Painted Canvas Art

Buying canvas art can be really expensive, to help all art lovers offers up to 75% discount on all original hand painted canvas art.

Online PR News – 12-February-2009 – – Missouri, USA - Many people love to have their walls adorned with beautiful canvas art. Though they would like to have a good collection of canvas art, the cost of these real canvas art can be highly prohibitive. Therefore, people remain content with enjoying exquisite collection of art at exhibitions and at art galleries. Some art lovers try to look for alternative options to get some good wall art on walls. Many go for what is called canvas prints. Canvas prints are not real paintings, but prints made on canvas art material, which tries to give the feel of the real wall art. However, it is by no means original. Those who appreciate painting and wall art will know what a world of difference it makes when it is not an original painting. It is just not about a piece of picture that hangs on the wall, but it is much more than that; the painting has to speak to us and this can happen only when it is an original painting. The amazing strokes of the brush have a tremendous power to relate to art lovers at various occasions, they will talk to us a different language when we are happy, and in a different language when one is sad and depressed. It will have something to say when we are anxious and something different to tell when are hopeful. Therefore, paintings are used not merely to fill the wall space but to bring a new dimension to the entire room.

At times, people are highly tempted to buy pieces of art that they find communicating to them in a powerful way, but they turn to restrain themselves because art galleries prices are very high. It is true that good art is priceless, but the cost often does not allow many to own them. However, for those who love real art but unable to afford, there is some good news. Now it is possible to get real canvas art at highly affordable prices. These are not canvas prints but real art where one can see real strokes of brushes. These paintings come at heavily discounted prices. Each painting is sold with up to 75% discount. These paintings come to art lovers from WhiteWalls art gallery. offers price match guarantee. Art lovers will not be able to get stunning paintings at such low prices anywhere else, neither in the brick and mortar galleries nor in any of the online stores. If someone is selling at a lower price, then there should be prints and not real canvas art. has a huge collection of attractive hand painted artwork, which are available in a variety of sizes - from a small one-piece canvas art to large 6-piece artwork. All orders include free shipping. There could be no better way of acquiring the best artwork at the most affordable rates.

About WhiteWalls Gallery: and all the other WhiteWalls retail outlets are part of International Art Association. They sell hand painted 100% original, ready to hang canvas art. They also offer 30-day no hassle exchange policy.

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