Chris Atchley Features Genesis Drummer And Solo Artist, Phil Collins, At Play Drums By Ear

Chris Atchley, creator of Play Drums By Ear, has featured Genesis drummer and successful solo artist, Phil Collins, in his most recent blog post. Readers will see two drum solos from Collins and an in-depth interview with the drummer about his career.

Online PR News – 24-May-2012 – Corona/CA – Chris Atchley, professional drummer and creator of the drum lesson product Play Drums By Ear, has featured Genesis drummer and solo artist, Phil Collins, in a recent blog post. Atchley has collected and shared three videos for his readers; two that feature live drum solos from Collins, and another that provides an in-depth interview with Collins late in his music career. Atchley suggests that drummers of all skill levels will appreciate Collins’ talent and find the interview about the music business very informative. Readers will find Atchley’s blog post about drummer, Phil Collins, at

According to Atchley, “Phil Collins is one of the most successful drummers in music history.”

“Collins began as a drummer and vocalist for the popular band, Genesis, and pursued a career as a solo artist at the same time,” Atchley says. “From the two ventures, Phil Collins has sold millions of albums worldwide, gaining him status as an instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter.”

“Fortunately,” Atchley says, “With all the fame Collins has had as a songwriter and vocalist, he has also stayed true as a drummer.”

Atchley offers a variety of articles and drum lessons on his website at Visit now for access to a long list of videos and lessons. Readers will find Atchley’s recent post, singer, songwriter and drummer, Dave Grohl, at

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