BluePay Offers Credit Card Processing for Small Business Merchants with Remote Processing Needs

Merchant account provider BluePay makes credit card processing for small business merchants fast, easy and secure

Online PR News – 24-May-2012 – Chicago, IL – CHICAGO – BluePay, an all-in-one credit card processor and online payment gateway provider, helps small business merchants with a need to process payments remotely. BluePay’s credit card processing for small business solutions includes virtual terminals, mobile credit card processing and wireless options.

At BluePay we are committed to protecting our small business merchants from the devastating consequences of compromised data.

"Many of our small business merchants don't maintain an office or storefront where they can accept face-to-face, card-present payments," said Allen Caviles, chief technology officer at BluePay. "That's why we make it easy for small business merchants to process payments remotely, so they can increase cash flow and improve business no matter where they are."

BluePay's virtual terminal is ideal for merchants working from home, or for those accepting primarily Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) payments, because they allow merchants to manually enter credit card sales from any computer with an Internet connection. Mobile and wireless processing options let small business merchants accept credit card payments anywhere; mobile options accept payments from merchants' cell phones, while wireless terminals are compact and portable.

Merchant processing for small business merchants requires compliance with PCI standards in order to help protect data. All of BluePay's products, including its secure online payment gateway, comply with PCI standards to help keep merchants, businesses and consumers safe from data theft and fraud.

"At BluePay, we are committed to protecting our small business merchants from the devastating consequences of compromised data," said Caviles. "Failure to comply with PCI standards can lead to stolen account numbers, a loss of customer trust and hefty fines. Our PCI solutions include tokenization, end-to-end encryption and more."

About BluePay: Providing the highest level of data security in the industry, BluePay ( makes U.S. and Canadian credit card processing simple and fast. BluePay is a full-service, Tier 1 credit card processor based in Naperville, Illinois, with offices and data centers located across the U.S. The firm leverages extensive industry experience and a comprehensive suite of credit card merchant processing services to provide a complete system of credit card processing solutions with competitive rates. Follow BluePay on Twitter ( for company and credit card processing industry updates.

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