Four Cousins Revolutionize Baby Product Advertising

Four Cousins – Raghunath Rajaram (Founder Aglet Design), Snehaa Sundaram (20), Nithika Sundaram (17) and Nishaant S Raj (13) got together on May 12th 2012 and decided to record a song just for fun. This session made them create a revolutionary sing-along video ad.

Online PR News – 24-May-2012 – Bangalore, IN – Four Cousins – Raghunath Rajaram (Founder Aglet Design - a multidisciplinary creative agency), Snehaa Sundaram (20), Nithika Sundaram (17) and Nishaant S Raj (13) got together on May 12th 2012 and decided to record a song just for fun. Raghunath had coined the line ‘Did you ever know that your Bum has got a hole…..’ many years ago when he was in school. His friends found it grossly hilarious, but would always laugh and repeat the line. When he told his cousins this, they were amused and literally forced him to think about composing a song with this as the chorus! Snehaa, Nithikaa and Nishaant now couldn’t contain their laughter as this line kept playing on their minds. They got together at Aglet Design’s studio with Raghunath and let their creative juices flow. Nishaant the youngest of this group was thrilled to be the drummer for a song that made him roll on the floor laughing! Snehaa, Nithikaa and Raghunath joined creative forces to come up with the lyrics. Raghunath then sang, played the guitar and mixed before the gang of cousins invited the family to listen to their hilarious creation.

Jayaram Rajaram (Managing Partner, Bril- A baby & children's products company), Raghunath’s brother was one of the first ones to be invited for the launch show which would then go on to create history in the baby product ad space. When Jayaram heard this song for the first time, his gut told him that this could make a very different and engaging teaser campaign for Brildiapers which would be launched in a few months. When he suggested this to Raghunath, they immediately concurred as they intuitively felt it would have an immediate connect with the audience. They felt this way because they loved listening to and singing along with this mildly weird, below the belt number. Everyone who heard it loved it and sang along.

There was a slight fear that they were working with an old brand with tremendous equity. The brand had a conservative audience, but at the same time they knew that unless they did something out-of-the ordinary they would never be able to stand out of the clutter. While creating the teaser ad they decided, people will secretly love this song. This video was in any case targeted at adults and parents. Raghunath says "The idea was to get people singing along and laugh about common physiological aspects". So…..

‘Did you ever know…..’ happened and has added a new dimension to baby product advertising.

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