Jim Nyquist Contributes To The Efforts Of The Homes for Heroes Charity

Real estate agents across the nation are making considerable contributions to make homes affordable for upstanding local citizens. Jim Nyquist congratulates the generosity the Home for Heroes organization has provided and contributes to the growth of such services.

Online PR News – 23-May-2012 – Austin, Texas – A recent report in The Washington Post highlights the efforts made by a national charity called Homes for Heroes. The article focuses on the particular contributions real estate agents are making in the Virginia and Maryland area among 40 other states. Homes for Heroes is a charitable organization that works to provide homes for local and national heroes at affordable rates. Those who benefit from the program include members of the military, teachers, firefighters, nurses and police officers. Jim Nyquist is one real estate agent that encourages charity in the business, and as a house-flipping and foreclosure expert, he knows just how difficult it can be to own a home.

Once they decide to join the passion just takes over . . .

The Washington Post article stresses the additional costs associated with buying a home and how potential buyers have faced expensive closing costs, appraisal frees, in addition to the initial price. No one understands these costs more than real estate agents, who handle these sorts of financial arrangements on a daily basis. That is why agents involved with Homes for Heroes donate a portion of their commissions in order to make homes more affordable for local heroes. Realtor, Jim Nyquist agrees, "These people are pillars of the community, and as real estate agents it is our duty to represent and preserve such neighborhoods."

One of the more interesting factors about the charity is that it brings realtors and competing companies together for a greater good. Originating in Minnesota, Homes for Heroes expanded across the country in 2009, and has since contributed more than $1.5 million. The article goes on to say that the program has a snowball effect on agents which encourages them to become more active and recruit as much help as they can. Ruth Johnson, president of Homes for Heroes comments, "Once they decide to join, the passion just takes over . . ." Nyquist is one of many agents who have been inspired by this mass effort to support essential members of the community.

Among his many accomplishments in the real estate business, Jim Nyquist claims he always makes decisions to improve the Austin, Texas area. "People chose to live in Austin, because it has a personality." Nyquist adds, "That personality comes from the integrity and dedication that is seen in these types of programs." While he praises the efforts of the organization, he urges everyone to give what they can, not just realtors. He encourages citizens to give time to groups such as Habitat for Humanity and the Austin-based charity for the homeless, Front Steps.

Jim Nyquist is a graduate of Minnesota State University – Mankato who has developed a real estate career that has lasted almost four decades. At 59 years of age, Jim Nyquist is an expert in house-flipping, foreclosure and short sale opportunities. He currently offers his services in the greater Austin area in Texas.