Anakiri Turns Traditional Massage into Extraordinary Healing Experience with Launch of its New Line of S.O.S. Massage Complements.

Perfect for massage therapists or anyone who enjoys a massage, complement your massage with S.O.S. and feel the difference!

Online PR News – 25-February-2010 – – Anakiri BioEnergetic Skin Care specializes in wholesome, natural, healthy skin, body, aromatherapy, apothecary, and massage products. S.O.S. Massage Complements are a group of four of Anakiri’s most innovative products created to complete the massage process by increasing toxin removal, offering pain relief and injury rehabilitation during and after a massage.

• S.O.S. Recover – Chronic, applied during a massage, activates the body’s natural healing ability with a proprietary combination of enzymes, and aids in the reduction of pain and inflammation. Versatile in its applications, the balm can be applied with oil to give a soothing and regenerating deep tissue or sports massage, or applied after a massage to extend the results. Great for home use for athletes and those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

• S.O.S. Recover – Acute extends the pain relieving benefits of sports and deep tissue massage and helps ease soreness and pain. This soothing aloe vera-based gel carries homeopathic signatures deep into the tissue to energetically relieve ligament strains, muscle sprain, or any form of injury, trauma, or pain. Cooling aloe vera and arnica help heal bruises and reduce inflammation. A necessity for every first aid kit.

• S.O.S. Hydrate is an energetic hydration supplement that enhances the body’s ability to absorb and utilize water. It adds homeopathic “transporters” to drinking water, which hydrate at a cellular level. It aids in removing toxins that the massage just released. This completes the cycle of healing, helping our muscles to feel better, our skin to look brighter, and improving every facet of our health.

• S.O.S. Soak is ideal for at-home spa treatments and the mineral rich salts are perfect for baths and salt glows. The salts are blended with essential oils of eucalyptus and cedarwood to curtail the common cold and aches and pains. They are a perfect post-massage treatment to release toxins, relieve stress, and provide deep relaxation.

According to Claudia Reddick, Vice President of Sales, “Massage therapists have been the lone voice of the spa industry extolling the value of hydration. S.O.S. Massage Complements give them tools to assist their clients with a vital and easy addition to their fundamental good health. The spa lifestyle is not a trend. It is helping people to enjoy the biggest gains with the smallest changes-high leverage for a better life.”


Anakiri is skin care that embodies the natural lifestyle. It is wholesome, healthy and results-oriented to allow you to look and feel your best. Anakiri uses the latest BioEnergetic science to achieve phenomenal results. Fortifying, anti-aging and a delight to use, pure essential oils and botanicals create great aromas and provide key vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants. BioEnergetic, because that's what you are!