Decoration Site Opens Up A World Of Gifts Canvas Paintings
05/28/2012 is a decoration site that provides a creative platform where shoppers can avail a great range of custom merchandise at throw away prices. There are more than five thousand sample items of artistic nature to avail with the list growing with a thousand more everyday.

Online PR News – 28-May-2012 – mumbai – Early this month, the site introduced new worthwhile gifts that are worthy of taking a look at. They are all of quality import because they come from both brands and custom artists. The former include the casings for various gadgets in the market that are impressed with iconic pictures like those of city skylines. The latter include handyman items that are crafted by native artists.
Whether in the office, Movie Theater or just one’s residence, a captivating picture framed on the wall can never fail to impress. The canvas painting is one in the growing number of items of artistic nature that have opened up at the site in question. They range from illusionist art that combines spiritual figures from the native religions of India and other iconic figures. Though the original piece can cost quite a fortune, in this order page however they are as cheap as any other item on display.
Canvas painting that appears on inner pages of the site is patented on esthetics of art. The pieces are either hand-painted and then scanned to the electronic format or designed wholly as original pieces on the web. Thus availing them does never reduce the quality of being a first-hand experience. They can either stare at the buyer from the walls like head masks, work magic at night from the wall due to their surrealist designs or even add sophistication to a room due to their branded trademarks. An example seen on the homepage of the site is a picture of a girl holding an Apple design in the palm of her hands.
The wide-range of gifts from every corner of the world can be seen by the fine example of timepieces. These have Swiss insignias and also incorporate other modern effects such as digitized interfaces normally seen in wrist watches. Due to their wide availability, they cost next to nothing with most of the products arraigned here coming with 50% discounts.
The canvas painting also meets global expectations of the art school. Still life, abstract, surrealist, fauvist and other styles come with minimum price range of 925 Rupees. They feature places, famous spiritual heads like Buddha and other important cultural relics worthy to behold whether as a native or a worldly citizen.
In gifts, one can find wide-ranging accessories including vases that have been beautifully decorated, flower receptacles and other pots that are made with an intricate cast of religious figures. Some of the figurines like that of a woman bearing a pot on her head comes with a tagged price of 999 Rupees while the more expensive items in the same category go for as much as 1199 Rupees. Needless to say, all the items have discounted values.

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