Dive Center in Key West Currently Running Daily Trips to Protected Eastern Dry Rocks

Key West's leading diving and snorkeling center, the Key West Dive Center, is currently running daily trips out to the protected marine area known as Eastern Dry Rocks

Online PR News – 24-February-2010 – – The Key West Dive Center, the island's leading center for Key West scuba diving and snorkeling, is currently running daily trips out to the protected marine area known as the Eastern Dry Rocks. With extra government protection, the area of Eastern Dry Rocks provides some of the best Key West snorkeling and diving in a stretch of coral reef that is virtually untouched by humans.

Key West diving trips out to the coral reef off the coast of Key West are run every afternoon. A typical diving excursion lasts 3 and a half hours and includes two tanks with diving in two different areas along Key West's extensive reef system. Morning dive trips oftentimes also include a stop along the coral reef after the standard shipwreck dive that starts out those dives. Key West snorkeling trips to the coral reef typically run three times a day, including a late afternoon sunset-snorkel combo excursion.

The Eastern Dry Rocks, located about six miles southwest of Key West Florida, is one of the premiere spots among the coral reef gardens for snorkeling and scuba diving. Most of Eastern Dry Rocks is a Sanctuary Preservation Area, a protection effort to retain and upkeep the quality of health for the coral and the animal species that live among the coral. Most protected marine areas still allow snorkelers and divers to swim among the protected ecosystems, so long as they follow certain rules of not touching any plant or animal life.

"From our experience in Key West diving, we know that Eastern Dry Rocks is one of the most consistently good dive sites in Key West," says Key West Dive Center reservations agent Robbie Long.

While the center's trips almost always include a stop at Eastern Dry Rocks, there are plenty of other top-quality marine environments for their Key West diving and snorkeling trips. All morning scuba dive trips, for instance, head to the USS Vandenberg shipwreck artificial reef site. Other common reef sites include the Sambos Reefs, Rock Key, and Sand Key.

For more information or to reserve a spot on a Key West snorkeling or scuba diving excursion, visit KeyWestDiveCenter.com. You can speak directly with a knowledgeable reservations agent by calling 1-866-563-1805.

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