Amordad Announces Revolutionary Vacuum Tube Solar Collector System Destined to Change the Industry

Madrid, Spain – May 22, 2012 – Nicolai B. Herz, Marketing Director for Amordad, has announced the launch of the company’s revolutionary new vacuum tube solar collectors.

Online PR News – 25-May-2012 – Madrid – The new solar thermal collection assembly is used for heating water and represents the most efficient, economical and cost effective vacuum tube system available.

“Many years ago, it was proven that vacuum tube solar panels are far superior to conventional panels,” said Nicolai. “The main obstacle has always been their slightly elevated price. This is no longer an issue, thanks to our new am-tubosol eco model.”

A leader in solar power products, Amordad provides energy saving solutions for a wide variety of needs that includes industrial systems, pool heating and domestic hot water systems. The firm’s vacuum tubes reduce the amount of heat lost during operation, offering a significantly higher rate of efficiency over traditional flat collectors. The cutting edge technology offers savings for users and a more environmentally friendly means of harnessing the vast power of the sun.

The new heat pipe design makes the system ideal for use in cold, wet and adverse climates where conventional solar collectors are at a disadvantage. Amordad’s new design offers a number of benefits over traditional flat solar panels.

• Provides superior performance and reduction in heat loss in unfavorable conditions;
• Increased energy collection, even on cloudy days or in freezing temperatures;
• Improved performance over flat solar panels;
• Less expensive assembly and installation;
• Easy maintenance, as tubes can be changed without breaking the circuit;
• Aesthetically pleasing;
• Offers less surface to be affected by wind;
• Round shape allows the system to collect solar energy over a larger percentage of the day, from early morning until late afternoon;
• Ideal for heating water for large facilities such as hotels and motels, resorts, sports centers and spas;
• Available for incentives for sustainable energy development in Andalusia;
• Certified by the most demanding laboratories in Europe.

The high efficiency level of the solar collectors provides a variety of benefits for businesses in an extensive array of industries. The vacuum tube solar collectors offer communities an eco-friendly way of providing street lighting for safety, offering a quick return on investment that doesn’t rely on electric consumption. The Amordad vacuum tube solar panels require less maintenance than typical flat panels and when servicing is required, the tubes can be changed or replaced without affecting the entire system.

While innovators around the globe continue to seek more efficient means of utilizing solar power, Amordad has succeeded with its revolutionary new vacuum tube solar collectors. Highly efficient and offering far less heat loss than traditional flat solar panels, the geometric design of Amordad’s collectors allow users to take advantage of more hours of daily light. They collect more energy in cloudy, wet and cold environs than flat panels and are destined to change the solar power industry around the world.

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