Brow Relongé Eyebrow Serum Developed For Mature Women

Brows are a major concern for mature or older women when hair begins to thin out, Brow Relongé can help.

Online PR News – 29-May-2012 – Long Island, NY – Brows are a major concern for mature or older women. In the 40s and 50s is when hair begins to thin out, which can leave sparse patches on the brows. This is difficult to cover with brow pencil. Makeup artists suggest using a powder or cake brow product, but for those working with very little brows, this can still create an unnatural look.

Brow Relongé is the eyebrow serum that delivers fast results with minimal effort. Brow Relonge can be part of any night beauty routine to promote the look of thicker brows. The results are brows that appear fuller and completely natural. There’s no need to manipulate brows to look good. Now they can look great with just slight grooming thanks to Brow Relongé .

Brow Relongé is safe to use daily and is suited even for those with sensitive eyes. The eye area is sensitive to harsh chemicals and ingredients. Brow Relongé is formulated with natural ingredients like aloe vera, allatoin and camellia sinensis. These ingredients are derived from plants, which means the product is gentle enough for sensitive eyes or those who wear contacts. Brow Relongé is simple and quick to use. Apply to clean, dry brows, just as you would a brow gel. Gently stroke the brow area and within weeks, brows appear fuller. Groomed brows are always in style. With Brow Relongé , the look of thick brows is possible. A polished, well-framed face starts with lush brows.

For a limited time, Brow Relongé is available for $79.99 for a single bottle, $129.99 for two bottles or $149.99 for three bottles. Buy three bottles of Brow Relongé and receive free shipping. Try a bundle pack of Brow Relongé and Lash Relongé , a conditioning product for lashes, for $129.99.

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