JuditB Jewelry Participating In MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge

JuditB Jewelry makes it to Wonderland or at least the MTV Awards Gift Lounge.

Online PR News – 22-May-2012 – Jerusalem, Israel – It's been a busy and exciting year for Judit Blumenfrucht, designer of the JuditB jewelry line. Judit is participating in the GBK MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge taking place next month at the L'Hermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, by gifting her trademark square rings.

Through her affiliation with the wonderfully talented group of artists that make up The Artisan Group, last summer, JuditB was showcased by LaunchHer, an American organization promoting women in business. From there she continued with all kinds of celebrity gifting, from business cards in The Artisan Group's Celebrity Swag Bags for the Emmys, to being chosen to send 100 gifts for The Artisan Group Celebrity Swag Bags at the GBK Golden Globes Celebrity Lounge.

One of her trademark rings has been photographed on the fingers of two actresses in major primetime television shows and last month was featured on the finger of a celebrity in a music video.

More recently, JuditB was honored to be chosen to gift an A-list actress/producer with a new design created especially for her – a unique combination of mesh and crystals. Following that opportunity, JuditB business cards were included in swag bags for Mother's Day that will be sent to 30 handpicked celebrities. (Names available upon request).

JuditB was also fortunate enough to be one of the top artists chosen to appear on the exclusive website Via Licentia which features original and stylish designs for the discerning customer and her work has been carried by the National Portrait Gallery in London.

It's hard to believe that just three years ago, JuditB was just a dream (and a few sample designs in a briefcase). For Judit, who was born in Budapest, but raised in Britain, a love for beautiful things has transitioned from a hobby into a career in jewelry design. Her modern jewelry reflects her love of art and architecture and Judit works with her clients to create unique pieces that reflect their personality as much as her own.

All of Judit's rings are deceptively simple, with clear lines and shapes. Playing with sharp angles, geometric shapes and different combinations of metals, crocheted metallic wire, precious stones and strands of leather, Judit's pieces are wearable art that make a statement.

"I started making square rings because nobody else was" says Judit. That square-peg-in-a-round-hole attitude was the start of Judit's square rings becoming her signature piece.

Next up for JuditB is at The Jewellry Show London at Somerset House next month.

For information about carrying JuditB jewelry or inquiries, please contact www.juditb.com.

JuditB started out as a translator but soon moved on to expressing her love for beautiful things into an innovative career in jewelry design. Her multi-lingual background has exposed her to a wide range of interesting cultures and unique people, and the experiences have helped shaped her vision for the JuditB brand. Her modern jewelry reflects her love of art and architecture, particularly the Art Deco period. Other than the shape of her rings, always square, anything is possible. Any colour, texture, finish, stone, or shape; any combination can be played with to create the perfect piece.

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