Discover AfterGlow’s 4 New Organic Lip Love Shades

Afterglow introduces 4 brand new organic lip love shades namely Afterglow, Muse, Haiku and Tango.

Online PR News – 25-February-2010 – – USA, February 2010 -- Afterglow introduces 4 brand new organic lip love shades namely Afterglow, Muse, Haiku and Tango. These are their newest natural cosmetics products in the series of lipsticks made to help the modern woman stand out with sexy and luscious lips to be confident about.

The organic Lip Love Lipstick Afterglow has a shade of nude peach that is sheer and shimmering and known to be Afterglow’s signature and classic shade; hence called after the company’s name. The Organic Lip Love Lipstick Muse has a pink-peach glow which is bright shimmering too. For every purchase of this shade, $2 will be donated to the Young Survival Coalition charity group.

On the other hand, the Organic Lip Love Lipstick Haiku is a sheer wash of coral color and the Organic Love Lipstick Tango is that of a true coral red. All these brand new shades, just like the rest of the Afterglow’s lipstick products cost only $24.00 each.

The wellness and beauty industry is constantly growing by coming up with a variety of cosmetic products being made available to the market today. Cosmetics play an important role especially in the world of the female market, with their posed need of staying and looking good or at their best all the time. With this, a lot of cosmetic companies take advantage of this opportunity to make lots of money out of this need.

However, majority of these commercial brands get focused alone on making money and totally forget about what harm the chemicals and ingredients of their products may cause to their customers’ skin. Moreover, a lot of these chemicals today do not only harm the skin but also endanger the environment.

We should be very grateful to cosmetic companies who still maintain their corporate responsibilities by encouraging the production of safe and healthy beauty products. And Afterglow Cosmetics is one of these highly responsible and caring companies in the beauty industry at the moment.

Afterglow Cosmetics was initiated by Kristin along with her team of beauty experts which studied the ins and outs of chemical engineering, nutrition and aesthetics. For some time now, Afterglow has branded itself to be a sincere advocate of promoting good health and natural beauty to modern women of today.

Afterglow Cosmetics aims to render the chance to women of all ages to get to choose from a wide variety of top quality natural cosmetics that comes in various shades and colors; perfect to match someone’s skin tone well without causing harm with its ingredients.

Majority of these cosmetic products sold by Afterglow utilize organic cosmetics ingredients which came from and supplied by Mother Nature. Afterglow cosmetics has been hailed to be a cosmetics company rendering safe and natural cosmetics for the woman who wants to look light and feel great even with some make up on. Afterglow cosmetic products can make you feel naturally beautiful like no other!

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