'Oh, Yes You Candy!' Announces Heavenly Bites {truffley treats} Without Caffeine, Dairy, Wheat

Oh, Yes You Candy! announces Heavenly Bites {truffley treats} - a delicious all-natural treat without caffeine, dairy, wheat, GMOs or refined sugar. Now sold at the world’s premier candy store, Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City. In-person tasting with Jodi, May 24, in NYC.

Online PR News – 22-May-2012 – Boulder, CO – Colorado designer Jodi Feinhor-Dennis turned her creative talents to the candy aisle. Her new venture Oh, Yes You Candy! announces Heavenly Bites {truffley treats} - a delicious all-natural treat now sold at the world's premier candy store: Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City. To celebrate, the designer/candymaker will offer an in-person tasting at NYC's Dylan's Candy Bar, Thursday May 24, 11am-4pm (1011 3rd Ave).

Heavenly Bites {truffley treats} are devilishly decadent treats made with only organic or natural ingredients and without caffeine, dairy, refined sugar or wheat making it ideal for children and adults looking for a healthy alternative to the typical chocolate bar or candy. Food allergies affect approximately 15 million Americans (including 6 million children) and Heavenly Bites {truffley treats} creator Jodi Feinhor-Dennis is one who empathizes; she cannot eat foods with caffeine, wheat, dairy or sugar. For decades, she searched to no avail to find a sweet treat she could enjoy without negative side effects. After years of saying to herself, 'No, you can't eat that,' Feinhor-Dennis now says 'Oh, Yes You Candy!' while savoring her all-natural, vegan and wheat-free truffley treats.

"Oh, Yes You Candy! has pulled off a massive lip-smacking coup! Allowing one [Heavenly Bite] to melt on your tongue is an exercise in pure mock-choc bliss, made all the more enjoyable by the fact that it’s shockingly absent of all the bad stuff that always seems to make candy so guiltily yummy." - Elizah Leigh, Candy Addict

Made with 100% organic coconut oil, Heavenly Bites {truffley treats} are available in sophisticated flavor combinations with a perfect sweet/savory balance. Vegan flavors include: 1) mint, lime, sea salt, 2) coconut, almond, sea salt, 3) peanut butter, brown rice crisp, 4) hazelnut vanilla chai, 5) it’s so much s’more and 6) banana monkey crunch. Two gluten-free options are: 1) GF coconut, almond, sea salt and 2) GF hazelnut vanilla chai. The vegan flavors are wheat-free, but aren't 'gluten-free' because they contain barley. The gluten-free flavors contain non-fat milk. The smooth confections are sold in a 3-bite package.

Carob provides the body with antioxidants fiber and Gallic acid naturally regulating the digestive tract.

While satisfying a sweet indulgence, Heavenly Bites {truffley treats} are also very nutritious. Ingredients include organic coconut oil, organic almonds and a legume grown on the Ceratonia Siliqua tree, commonly known as carob, which can offer alkalizing and balancing nutritious benefits. Nutritionist Jennifer Tingstad said, "Carob provides the body with antioxidants, fiber and Gallic acid, naturally regulating the digestive tract."

Feinhor-Dennis' modern reinvention of this legume is truly extraordinary and reviewers nationwide agree that it will revolutionize how it's known in both the health food and candy aisles alike.

Jodi Feinhor-Dennis said, "My mission is to provide delicious and healthy treats for people who feel imprisoned by their dietary restrictions, as well as people simply wanting healthier options. I'm thrilled to offer an unparalleled delicious candy, where tasty treats don't include artificial ingredients, but only simple, good-for-you, organic and natural ingredients. The response to Heavenly Bites is amazing and since food allergies are on the rise, Oh, Yes You Candy! is in a prime position to be the leader in this category."

About: Oh, Yes You Candy!
In 2011, Boulder-CO-based designer Jodi Feinhor-Dennis set out to create tasty treats she could say YES to. Heavenly Bites {truffley treats} are mouth-watering morsels of delicious goodness with no caffeine, no dairy, no wheat, no refined sugar – no regrets, no kidding! Chocolate has met its match.

Consumers can find Oh, Yes You Candy! Heavenly Bites {truffley treats} 3-bite packages here:
New York: Dylan’s Candy Bar
California: One Life Natural Foods, East West Bookstore
Colorado: Alfalfa’s Market, Aspen Candy Company, Lucky’s Market, Boulder Book Store, Sugarlicious, Muse Floral,
Whole Foods (soon), Pharmaca (soon)
Hawaii: Down to Earth
Utah: Good Earth
Sold online: ohyesyoucandy.com, naturalcandystore.com, abesmarket.com
Distribution is quickly expanding

More information here: www.ohyesyoucandy.com

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