Ed Young's New Book Encourages Married Couples To Make Sex A Priority

A new article from the Huffington Post highlights ways in which married couples are making sexual intimacy a priority—something that has won the attention and the affirmation of Dallas pastor Ed Young.

Online PR News – 22-May-2012 – Grapevine, Texas – Often, society portrays marital intimacy as something of a joke. This is especially true when it comes to movies and sitcoms, where the old clichĂ© is that marriage leads couples to experience a decline in intimacy and in sexual passion. New reports indicate that this stereotype may not have a foundation in reality, however. A new Huffington Post article offers insight into the measures some married couples are taking to spend intimate time together—and in doing so, the article lends affirmation to the teachings of popular author and Dallas pastor Ed Young.

According to the Huffington article, time spent together is an essential component in sustaining a happy marriage. The article cites a recent study, which says that couples that spend time together at least once per week are 3.5 times happier in bed. The article stipulates that this “quality time” must be time the couple spends alone, without children or chores to distract them.

The new report serves to underscore and affirm the teachings of Ed Young, a Dallas pastor who has long emphasized the important role that sex plays in cultivating marital happiness. In his new book, Sexperiment—released earlier this year—Ed Young argues that time spent together is, indeed, vital for keeping a married couple happy—especially when that time is intimate time. Sexperiment also highlights the myriad benefits that couples receive from a regular, robust sex life.

Indeed, Ed Young’s book is devoted to the idea that a healthy sex life is crucial for keeping a marriage strong and satisfying. In addition to laying out the benefits of married sex, however, the pastor issues a challenge to his readers—ideally, Christian married couples.

Specifically, Ed Young challenges married couples reading Sexperiment to have sex together every day for a week. Then, he exhorts them to discuss the ways in which this sustained intimacy has positively affected their relationship.

Sexperiment has won media attention for the positive spin it puts on sex within a marriage. While some prominent pastors and religious readers have recently spoken out on the same topic, ultimately garnering controversy for their views on sex and marriage, Sexperiment is unique for its pastoral attitude and its practical insights. The book lists many benefits of a healthy sex life, and offers married couples tips on how to achieve this kind of intimacy.

Ed Young is the founding pastor of Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. He has written more than a dozen books, including his latest release, Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse. The book, written alongside wife, Lisa, has garnered a great deal of attention for its unconventional take on the importance of sex within a marriage. While many religious leaders avoid the topic, Ed Young has preached the importance of intimacy within a marriage for years. The new book includes practical tips for Christian married couples seeking to develop a regular, creative, and passionate intimate life.