Illinois Hypnosis Now Offers Speakers and Workshops on Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in Chicago, Ill.

Illinois Hypnosis announces workshops and presentations lead by professional speakers on hypnotherapy and medical hypnosis for anxiety in Chicago, Ill.

Online PR News – 21-May-2012 – Chicago, Illinois – Hypnosis and hypnotherapy website is now offering professional speakers and training courses for community organizations, schools, and churches. Licensed Clinical Social Worker Jeanne Clark, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Mary Kullman, and other qualified specialists lead workshops and seminars on hypnosis, hypnoanalysis, and hypnotherapy for anxiety in Chicago and Naperville, IL.

Jeanne Clark, LCSW, Mary Kullman, LCPC, and American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts (AAMH) experts conduct presentations for professionals and lay audiences about hypnosis for anxiety in Chicago and Naperville, IL. Illinois Hypnosis speakers give presentations tailored to professional organizations, ad hoc groups, and schools. Organizations can a request one-hour presentation, full-day seminar, or multiday workshop. Hypnosis specialists also lead introductory and advanced training courses on hypnosis and hypnoanalysis and how specialized techniques can help with anxiety, depression, pain management, smoking, and weight loss for professional psychotherapists.

Professionals will be educated on all aspects of hypnosis and in advanced techniques to resolve negative feelings such as anxiety and depression in 20 sessions or less.

“Our training sessions are highly informative for any organization interested in the natural and beneficial effects of hypnotherapy,” says the President of the American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts, Jeanne Clark. “Professionals will be educated on all aspects of hypnosis and in advanced techniques to resolve negative feelings such as anxiety and depression in 20 sessions or less.”

Illinois Hypnosis seminars and workshops will include an introduction to hypnosis, a brief history of the technique, and details about how hypnotherapy can be medically and therapeutically used. For schools, churches, and community organizations, speakers will introduce hypnosis that can be used to quit smoking, relax, reduce stress, and lose weight. Speakers will teach professional groups about how to treat clients and patients and make good referrals. Workshops and presentations will focus on advanced Medical Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for anxiety in Chicago, and the west and far west suburbs, as well as in any related area such as natural healing, mental health, and regression therapy.

“Our training courses, presentations, and demonstrations are designed to help anyone who wants to learn more about hypnosis for anxiety in Chicago,” says Director of the Alpha Counseling Center, Inc. Mary Kullman, MS, LCPC. “Speakers are AAMH-trained professionals who have extensive experience in medical hypnosis and hypnotherapy.”

Organizations interested in workshops and price ranges should visit for more information on how to contact us.

Illinois Hypnosis is dedicated to the use of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and hypnoanalysis to treat an array of conditions. Illinois Hypnosis offers a wide range of information about hypnosis and how it can treat anxiety, depression, phobias, and pain. Hypnotherapy and medical hypnosis can also help people who are trying to quit smoking and lose weight. Illinois Hypnosis’ Jeanne Clark, LCSW, and Mary Kullman, MS, LCPC, offer hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Medical Hypnosis, consultations and recommendations for qualified practitioners in the Chicago area and nationwide.

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