Attorney William Umansky Speaks as Authority on Pedestrian Accidents in Orlando

William Umansky speaks to about the dangers Pedestrians face in Orlando

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The Umansky Law Firm practices Criminal Defense and Personal Injury in central Florida and all over the state.

Mr. Umansky spoke about the dangers of pedestrian accidents for both those on foot and in their vehicles in Florida. Being that the top four most dangerous cities for pedestrians in the country are in Florida, and number one is Orlando/Kissimmee, Mr. Umansky has a background with these incidents, and is able to dispel some common misconceptions. Some of these misconceptions are that pedestrian accidents occur commonly because of the elderly population.

"Most of the accidents we see at our firm don’t usually involve older people," says William Umansky "Elderly people tend to drive more carefully. A lot of it has to come down to the simple fact that we’re tourist destinations. And it’s exceedingly dangerous when you’re a tourist and you’re walking around town and you don’t know where you’re going. And people are careless these days…and in many cases it’s actually tourists themselves whom cause the accidents because they’re renting cares and not familiar with the intersections and roadways…"

Mr. Umansky also mentioned the fact that there is plenty of construction going on constantly on the roads in Florida. He concluded that the best ways of avoiding accidents are to “follow the crossing sign, assume other drivers aren’t paying attention, and stay of your cell phone.”

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