Fitness Website Creator Unveils Second Website, Dedicated to Informing the Home Fitness Enthusiast

Joyce Wells, creator of EMG Live Fitness, has created a new informational website providing useful information to at-home exercisers.

Online PR News – 21-May-2012 – New York, NY – “EMG users are already connecting with our Live Fitness website through major social media networks like Facebook and Twitter,” says Joyce Wells, President and CEO of EMG Live Fitness (,opular web platform that links the most sought after fitness instructors with fitness enthusiasts from around the world, allowing them to work together without actually being in the same physical location. “Our new informational website rounds out our Internet presence, making it easier for people to get to know a little bit more about us and what we do.”

According to Wells, The-Home-Body ( created with the help of her sister, Susan, to guide people looking for information on how to live a healthy lifestyle in their homes.

“At The Home Body, we believe that a healthy lifestyle begins in the home,” says Wells. “When the home supports a culture of healthy food choices and of movement, it becomes much easier to maintain overall personal and family health goals.”

Wells says that The-Home-Body website is the perfect complement to the EMG Live Fitness website, which offers a platform where the best fitness instructors can teach their great classes, live and on-demand, over the Internet. The website allows busy individuals or those who are not comfortable with exercising at their local gym, the ability to get fit and healthy on their own time, and from the comfort of their home.

EMG Live Fitness ( a platform/website where the most sought after fitness instructors are linked with the fitness enthusiast while not actually being in the same physical location. EMG is the brainchild of streaming fitness expert Joyce Wells. Her vision is to bring the most sought after instructors virtually out of their studios and into any town, city or borough in the country, or world. EMG Live Fitness is a woman owned company and is based in Hamburg, New Jersey. For more information visit,l 908-228-2339, or e-mail

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