Global Village Champions delivers over 6 million meals to Haiti

Global Village Delivers over 6 Million Meals to Haiti

Online PR News – 25-February-2010 – – February 24, 2010--Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti last month, Global Village Market is providing food aid in the form of more than 6 million meals to assist those affected by the tragedy.

Haiti food aid is much needed in that aftermath of the tragic earthquake on January 12 that wreaked havoc on the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake caused an unprecedented loss of life and property, and affected roughly one-third of Haiti’s population of 9-million people.

Over the past 17 years, Global Village Champions Muhammad Ali and Chairman Yank Barry have undertaken humanitarian relief missions around the globe distributing more than 407 million free meals, with Haiti food aid being the most recent undertaking. In less than one month following the tragic earthquake, Global Village donated food aid to Haiti in the amount of 12,000 pounds of beans, rice and grits, as well as much needed bottled water.

According to the organization’s website, “A day without hunger is more than a slogan, it is the prayer of every person in Haiti.”

Due to logistical challenges faced after the earthquake, much of the Global Village food aid has been delivered to Haiti through the Bahamas Red Cross Society working in cooperation with Rotary International. Beyond food aid donations, Global Village Champions has a proud history of partnership with other well-known organizations dedicated to serving people in need around the world.

In addition to delivering food aid, Global Village is providing over $1.5 million worth of medical supplies to assist in relief and rebuilding efforts in the impoverished nation.

Global Village plans to continue its food aid for the Haitian people to provide support and hope in their long road to recovery. Of their generous Haiti food aid efforts, Chairman Barry says, “We believe in doing well by doing good.” Since 1993 through November 2009, Global Village has never accepted a donation from the general public. All funds have been contributed by founder Yank Barry and the Global Village Champions.

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