The Evaluations of Christ Nature, an initiative by Author and Inventor Jason Jowett

The Evaluations of Christ Nature initiative is only a facebook group at present, but the movement is fresh, and revolutionary. Whilst based on still developing technologies, the progress is expected to be long-term, and global.

Online PR News – 24-May-2012 – Katmandu, Nepal – The Evaluations of Christ Nature is a group/cause established by Jason Jowett for the purpose of achieving a unified and global consensus on the matters of mind and body. The experience of religions are critical to this cause and also the use of and understanding of astrology.
There are many issues to be discussed and developed on the global stage and Jason is hosting this facility in order to not only gain exposure for his book series, but to justify the metaphysical content and create a real social movement based on it. The Christ Nature is new, and has been introduced to articulate the reckonings of reason on the global front, and eliminate the poisons of unwanted traditions.
Christ Nature is a system elaborated on in detail in Jason Jowett's novels. In the series, it's key to understand, that the association of qualities with nature is the integral developmental force in astrology, and in social standings in general. Attribution of sets of qualities creates a persons reality, and disjunctive behaviors can be contained by a over-set of archetypes. It is the aim of Jason Jowett to create and maintain a standard system for use by the global citizens, and a system based on structural integrity, and not personal interpretation.
Jason Jowett is a young Australian author, inventor, and world traveller. His been over ten years, traveling the world, and on every continent across 40 countries. His philosophical focus is a simple advancement on traditions, and a preparatory advancement for the modern world. His company Horiscorpio, which aims to produce his natural time clock, is currently working out of south India on this endeavor.