Teacher/Rapper/Hero Mega Ran Enters New Media With a Bang In "Language Arts" Trilogy

Random aka Mega Ran is releasing a 3-part album series, a video game and a comic book, all funded by the fans.

Online PR News – 25-May-2012 – Jacksonville, FL – 21st May 2012-PHILADELPHIA, PA - Hip Hop musician and educator Random, aka Mega Ran is elevating the game with his next release, an ambitious and creative journey into the life of the "TeacherRapperHero" called "Mega Ran in Language Arts."

"Language Arts" will combine all of Ran's loves of the past 30 years and will simultaneously launch as a hip-hop album, a comic book, done by the artists at J1 Studios in Philadelphia, and Flash/iOS video game, produced by Lunar Giant Studios.
In the story, a character loosely based on Random (born Raheem Jarbo) will face all of the tragedy and triumph that a musician, family man and teacher can handle on the quest for justice.

"Think 'Dangerous Minds' meets 'Daredevil" and "8 Mile," says Jarbo from the studio. "This will be a great project, and fans of comics, hip-hop and a great story will all enjoy it."

In perhaps the biggest news, the album will be assistant executive produced by critically acclaimed composer BEAR MCCREARY (The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica) and narrated by esteemed voice actor KYLE HEBERT (Dragonball Z, Street Fighter IV, too many anime classics to list). The album will be primarily produced by Virginia-based producer EOM of the duo WaxEOM, with additional production by DN3, K-Murdock and Random, and will feature guest vocals by Wordsworth, Wax, Chaundon, Mela Machinko, Storyville, Ran's crew The Writers Guild and many more. The album has been almost 3 years in the making, and Ran wants to make sure it feels like it.

"I've been working on this album for what seemed like an eternity… Before Forever Famicom, before Black Materia… Language Arts has been on my heart," says Ran. "It's the most ambitious thing I've ever attempted, and this is from a guy who rapped about Mega Man on an entire album." I'm so glad we got the fan support to put this together as greatly as I imagined it."

The fan support Ran refers to is an amazing Kickstarter campaign where Random asked for $3,000 to help complete the album, and ended at an amazing $15,000.

"Mega Ran in Language Arts" will release in 3 installments, with Volume 1 releasing May 22, 2012, Volume 2 releasing July 31, 2012, and Volume 3 releasing November 20, 2012 as a joint venture between J1 Studios, River City Records and RandomBeats Music. Volume 1 is free to all, at www.megaranmusic.com

The comic will be available online at j1studios.com and the Flash game will be playable at www.lunargiantstudios.com.


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