Castle Comfort Stairlifts Helps Students With Exam Revision Guide

A light hearted article giving tips about exam revision for students.

Online PR News – 21-May-2012 – London, United Kingdom – With the exam season in full swing in the UK, Castle Comfort Stairlifts who are known for helping older family members through difficult life stages with the help of mobility equipment like stairlifts have released an Exam Revision Guide to help younger members of the family through their stressful time.

This article takes 5 easy actionable tips from their guide to help students who are readying themselves for A Levels or Degree Exams shortly. Castle Comfort are known for their unique marketing approaches and feel that people of all ages should be aware of stairlifts, not just the elderly or disabled. With increasing life expectancy most people will be living a lot longer, and hopefully in their own home with aids such as stairlifts to help them.

Here are their top 5 tips

1) Get plenty of rest. Cramming until the morning of an exam through the night will not help any information to stay in the mind. Facts and information need time to percolate so we advise every student to take naps and get plenty of sleep in the approach to exam time.
2) Stay hydrated. Water not wine. Even though the student union bar may be calling, it is advisable to avoid too much alcohol in these important days and weeks of exams. As we are 80% water we function best when we maintain the fluid balance in our bodies so we advise each student to drink plenty of juice, water or cordial.
3) Stretch out. Light exercise and stretching can give a switch off from the purely mental processing of study. Gently rolling the head around the shoulders, circling ones arms and shaking the wrists and fingers can help to avoid laptop slump when studying and writers cramp in the actual exams.
4) Boil it down. We recommend every student to skim read all of their notes and try to reduce them down to the main topics. Then to do the same with them until they have a few headings that sum up the information. Like this they will find that on the day of the exam the topic headings will springboard to all the other in-depth information they had previously noted about the subject.
5) Prepare the plan. Knowing in advance what to wear on exam day, and laying it out the night before helps to get set up right for the day. Gathering the correct equipment and stationery they will need, including spares too, will help to ensure there is no last minute stress.

Stairlifts are now so commonplace that most people will not believe that there is probably a stairlift installed on every street in Britain. Castle Comfort Stairlifts have at considerable expense commissioned a statistical professor, a computer scientist and a maths student to create a stairlift counter that updates in real time and shows the number of stairlifts being installed every day in Britain, complete with the number of people retiring and the overall UK population. Visitors can scroll down the Castle Comfort Stairlifts home page here to see the counter in action.

Choosing a stairlift can be a stressful time for the whole family, just like exam time, and the right advice can positively help all those involved. Castle Comfort aim to help all the family to easily achieve their goals for an independent life, whether they are young or old. For a free copy of their exam guide or their stairlift guide visitors can fill out the coupon on their contact page.

About Castle Comfort Stairlifts Ltd, 88, Hatton Garden, Holborn, London EC1N 8PG
020 7717 9797 The company started 15 years ago when the founder and proprietor Keith Simpson needed to get a stairlift for his own mother. Researching the many manufacturers and suppliers in the UK and abroad he discovered that one could be secured for nearly half the quoted cost of some of the other stairlifts that had been offered. Keith and his team aim to offer quality branded lifts at affordable prices.

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